The Carolyn Loses Sleep In ‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’ (Review)

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The Carolyn Rhythm Of My Own Decay Album

About The Carolyn

The Carolyn is a three-piece punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band’s lineup has Andrew Patrick on vocals/guitar, Oliver Vuley-Conlon on vocals/bass, and David Mulazzi on drums. The band’s first full-length album, ‘This Will Begin To Make Things Right’, dropped in 2019. The band is currently signed to 59 X Records.

The band’s second full-length album, ‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’, was released on June 10th of 2022. The album has eight tracks and comes in at just over 16 minutes. Three singles (‘Munchausen By Praxis’, ‘Snake vs Rat’, and ’99 Problems, 0 Caveats’) were released for the album.

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‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’ Tracklist

  1. The Apiarist
  2. Munchausen By Praxis
  3. Spirits, Spilled Modelo, And The Sound Of Cuban Salsa Bands
  4. Casi Infinito
  5. DSFT
  6. Webs
  7. Snake Vs Rat
  8. “99 Problems, 0 Caveats”

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‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’ Review

I was in a three-piece punk band when was I a teenager. People said we sounded like a nasally Anti-Flag…and as the allergy-ridden lead singer, I can’t blame them. That said, I know first-hand how hard it is to make three instruments sound full and engaging. However, The Carolyn makes it look easy.

‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’ is my first outing with The Carolyn. After my friend turned me on to Rough Dreams, I decided to check out what other bands were being promoted by 59 X Records. Little did I know that The Carolyn was dropping a new album.

I purposely did not listen to The Carolyn’s first album in anticipation of ‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’. I wanted to experience this album as a new fan and have the same feeling someone would have if they heard The Carolyn for the first time today. It’s funny, I am always the first person to look up details about TV shows and movies…but don’t spoil my punk albums.

I enjoyed this album as a whole, from front to back. Whoever made the track order for this album did an excellent job. My favorite tracks on ‘Rhythm Of My Own Decay’ are ‘Munchausen By Praxis’ and ‘Webs’.

‘Munchausen By Praxis’ is just an overall perfect track. It makes me want to get my skateboard out and just rip down the street as fast as I can. It’s hard to explain, but certain songs give me what I call ’emotional nostalgia’. I don’t reminisce about the old days, I’m not reminded of a specific event in my life, but I get this angsty feeling in my chest that I haven’t felt since my adolescence. I mean this in a good way. It is hard to recapture that feeling with the lonely wisdom that we call adulthood. ‘Munchausen By Praxis’ is one of these tracks for me.

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The guitar work on ‘Webs’ is phenomenal. The intro/chorus riff is super catchy and slightly math-y for some reason. When I first heard the track I thought the band was going to start changing tempo and time signature every seven seconds. They didn’t, but this track still blew me away.

I also can’t discuss this album without mentioning the music video for ’99 Problems, 0 Caveats’. The video involves the band flatly mouthing the words to the track while doing mundane things like making coffee or sitting in the car. Punk videos are typically high-energy and busy. This almost feels like an anti-‘music video’ in the best way possible.

Overall, this album was an excellent listen. I would recommend The Carolyn to fans of classic melodic punk bands like The Get Up Kids, Piebald, and Cartel. Make sure you head over to 59 x Records’ official website to find The Carolyn and many other awesome bands. If you need me, I’ll be disgesting the rest of The Carolyn’s catalog. You know where to find me.

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Rhythm Of My Own Decay Album Cover

Where To Find The Carolyn

The Carolyn On Bandcamp

The Carolyn On Facebook

The Carolyn On Twitter

The Carolyn On Instagram

59 X Records On YouTube

59 X Records’ Official Website

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