Caskets Drop “By The Sound” (Music Video)

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Caskets By The Sound Music Video

About Caskets

Caskets was formerly the band Captives and come by way of Leeds, England. Under their Caskets name, they have one full-length album and one EP. The band has written several singles which may be leading us to another album before we know it.

Caskets was forced to change its name from Captives as it belongs to an Australian punk band. That said, finding a good source of information on the band is a little taxing, their website only has pictures and a small biography. With that in mind, we’ll let the music speak for itself.

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By The Sound Music Video

By The Sound dropped on February 16th, 2023 and was filmed & directed by Oli Duncanson // Oli Duncanson Photography, mixed & produced by Dan Weller, and mastered by Ryan Smith // Sterling Sound.

By The Sound is a standalone single at the time of writing this. Caskets definitely rings in a sound that is consistent with metalcore and hard-rock. Their vocals range from melodic to sharper, cleaner screams, with guitars burying us in the dirt of distortion, and percussion punching through pushing the tempo. By The Sound is a song that looks at trying to keep a relationship together even as it weathers the harshest of storms.

This thought is further examined as the band appears in pictures and eventually sees the lead singer in a wedding ceremony. However, the ending explores it all being a memory brought on from a music box. The song hits the right notes of emotion as the song progresses and keeps us locked into the emotional experience.

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