The Castlevania Requiem Ultimate Edition: Re-Vamp Your Castlevania Collection

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Castlevania Requiem Ultimate Edition (PS4)

‘Castlevania: Requiem’ Physical Edition Pre-Order

“Die, monster. You don’t belong in this world!” As I say to the remaining bills in my wallet. Limited Run Games announced at E3 last year about releasing a physical edition of Castlevania: Requiem. The collection bundles both Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night and will be made available for purchase on January 14, 10 AM ET. Castlevania: Requiem is on a region-free physical disc for the Playstation 4. It also works on the Playstation 5.

You can pre-order the collection now as well as an ‘Ultimate Edition’ for hardcore fans of the franchise. The Standard Edition ($34.99) gets you the video game collection with a mini poster. The Classic Edition ($64.99) includes the collection, a reversible Castlevania: Requiem poster, a box featuring vintage art from Tom duBois, and the Castlevania: Requiem Soundtrack. Hold on to your whips and chains because the colossal Ultimate Edition ($174.99) includes…

  • Physical Castlevania Requiem game for the PlayStation 4
  • Premium Outer Box featuring beautiful art from Ayami Kojima
  • Save Point Coffin Box – a deluxe foil-stamped two-piece box with a detachable text box recreating the iconic save point from Symphony of the Night (Safely holds all CE contents and displays well)
  • Additional double-sided Castlevania Requiem cover sheet featuring the original cover art for Symphony of the Night on one side and the original cover art for Rondo of Blood on the other!
  • Physical Castlevania Requiem Soundtrack Selection CD
  • Reversible 18″x 24″ Poster
  • Classic retro Konami Silver Box featuring art from legendary Konami Box artist Tom duBois
  • Official G2 Blu-ray sized Castlevania Requiem SteelBook
  • Vampire Killer Chain Pin
  • 5 inch Alucard’s Sword and Shield Replicas
  • Individually Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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Limited Run Games also announced on Twitter that it will be bringing a whole collection of additional Castlevania merch to its store to tie in with the release. You can expect to find Castlevania t-shirts, playing cards, enamel pins, keychains, posters, Switch case, and more!

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