CAVE IN Drops ‘Blood Spiller’ (Music Video)

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CAVE IN Blood Spiller Music Video

About Blood Spiller

‘Blood Spiller’ is a new single from CAVE IN’s upcoming album Heavy Pendulum. The album is set to be released on May 20th through Relapse Records. This is the band’s first album on Relapse, and their first full-length record in over ten years.

Preorder Heavy Pendulum (Vinyl) Through Relapse Records

The music video for Blood Spiller was directed by Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman. It was produced by Ryan Rigley. The Blood Spiller Witch was created by Handsome Devil Puppets.

Watch Blood Spiller

Not only does this song rip, but the music video is also phenomenal. The scene is set up like a horror movie where the band members are being attacked while trapped inside a dollhouse. The video plays on many modern movie tropes. I got a lot of A24 vibes from watching this video.

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Blood Spiller Lyrics

In the back of your life
Stick out like a knife
Pushing on the blade
Deeper everyday

Fresh kill or the killer
You can choose only one

In the back of their minds
Read between the lies
Wicked words at play
Cheap in every way

Fresh kill or the killer
You can choose only one
Blood spill or the spiller
You can walk or watch it run

You can choose only one
You walk or watch it run

Blood Spiller
Watch it run
Blood Spiller
Watch it run

Are You Excited For Heavy Pendulum?

If Blood Spiller is any indication of Heavy Pendulum’s quality, then we are very excited to hear the new album. Are you excited for CAVE IN’s newest release? Let us know on social media!

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Where To Find CAVE IN

CAVE IN On Twitter

CAVE IN On Instagram

Relapse Records On YouTube

Relapse Records Offical Website


CAVE IN is a hardcore/metalcore band from Massachusetts. The band’s current lineup has Stephen Brodsky on vocals and guitar, Adam McGrath on guitar, John-Robert Conners on drums, and Nate Newton on Bass. The band currently has six full-length albums and a variety of side projects. Their seventh studio album, Heavy Pendulum, will be released in May of 2022.

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