Character Deaths Explained in Slasher: Flesh and Blood (Slasher Season 4)

All the gruesome deaths in Slasher Season 4.

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Character Deaths Explained in Slasher Flesh and Blood (Slasher Season 4)

Character Deaths Explained in Slasher: Flesh and Blood

Slasher is an anthology horror series where each season is its own self contained story which usually involves an unseen killer who is revealed right at the end of the season. Slasher Season 4, or Slasher: Flesh and Blood as it’s also known, is about a dying old billionaire named Spencer Galloway who is dying and wants to have assisted dying.

However, Spencer doesn’t want his family to split his riches. Instead, he wants them to compete in a series of games until there is only one winner. That one winner will inherit all of Spencer’s riches. Unfortunately for Spencer and the rest of the Galloways, there’s also a killer on the loose (called “The Gentleman”) taking care of them one-by-one.

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Slasher: Flesh & Blood – Shudder Trailer

Spencer’s Assisted Dying

When Dr. Trinh hooks up Spencer for his assisted dying treatment, he begins to hallucinate and see his dead wife supposedly welcoming him into the afterlife. However, after Dr. Trinh has left the room and after Spencer has passed, the camera pans down to under Spencer’s bed. We see blood dripping from under the mattress and some kind of black organ resting on the floor.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 1.

Florence in Slasher Season 4, Episode 1
Florence in Slasher Season 4, Episode 1

Jayden gets Quartered

While searching for some answers in Spencer’s old shed which is now mysteriously under lock and key, Jayden, Christy and Grace spot the masked killer. Unaware of the danger he poses, Christy goes after him, telling him to leave the island who then slashes Christy’s arm. The trio then flee but when the killer starts to get closer to Grace (Jayden’s mum), Jayden tackles him and then the killer starts pursuing Jayden. Eventually, the masked killer catches up to Jayden and manages to overpower him. Meanwhile, Christy and Grace are unaware this has happened.

In the next scene, Jayden is strapped to a table with some cables pulling his arms and legs in different directions from one another. Thanks to his screaming, Grace hears and manages to find him but can’t do anything to free him. As this is happening, Christy tells everyone what’s going on back at the mansion and they all head out to find Jayden.

Finally, they all find Jayden strapped to this table with the cables getting tighter and tighter. In a true display of guts and gore, Jayden’s arms are ripped from their sockets, spraying Grace right in the face with her son’s blood.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 2.

Dr. Trinh falls into a Wood Chipper

By now, one theme that’s become ever present is Spencer trying to instill a “killer instinct” in his relatives. This is taken to a next level when Florence, who doesn’t trust Dr. Trinh who’s overseeing the games and Spencer’s will, asks Dr. Trinh to leave the mansion and the island. When Dr. Trinh refuses, Florence pushes her to the ground, grabs an axe and chases her with it through the forest.

Eventually, Dr. Trinh comes across a wood chipper and climbs to the top so she’s out of Florence’s reach but then Florence throws a piece of wood at her, causing Dr. Trinh to fall to the bottom of the wood chipper. Florence then casually walks over to the wood chipper and turns it on which it to grind Dr. Trinh into nothing but blood.

Thankfully, the blood barely got on Florence’s shoes. Spare a thought for the sweet, psychopathic Florence.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 3.

Theo in Slasher Season 4, Episode 3
Theo in Slasher Season 4, Episode 3

Seamus gets speared behind the Walls

In a flashback we learn that Spencer liked to spy on his queer son, Seamus, through a peep hole the alcove between the bedrooms throughout the mansion. It’s this alcove that Seamus uses to spy on his wife, Christy, after they have a huge fight after learning that Seamus isn’t going to inherit anything from his family’s fortune.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 3.

Birgit gets buried alive

When Birgit and her daughter, Liv, realise they can’t trust the remaining members of the Galloway family they head to the wharf to try and repair the dinghy. Unfortunately, the masked killer rushes Birgit and knocks her unconscious before Liv can even work out what’s happening. Birgit then wakes up on the beach as she’s being buried alive on the beach.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 4.

O’Keefe Suffocates

When O’Keefe and their mother, Florence, take refuge in Spencer’s shed they discover some frozen pizza in the fridge. However, they get more than pizza served to them when they accidentally trip a secret “game” of Spencer’s, in which the shed gets locked shut and there’s only one oxygen tank with one gas mask – to survive the gas fumes that are now being pumped into the shed.

At the start, O’Keefe and Florence take turns in using the oxygen but when Florence realises there’s only enough oxygen for one of them she keeps it all to herself, causing O’Keefe to suffocate and drown on their own fluids as they start to foam at the mouth.

The constant here? Florence is not to be trusted. Causing the remaining family members to chain Florence to a tree, for the killer to get to.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 5.

Florence gets what’s coming to her

Aphra in Slasher: Season 4, Episode 6
Aphra in Slasher: Season 4, Episode 6

While the adults are arguing about what to do next, Aphra heads outside and decides to exact her own bit of revenge by cutting out Florence’s tongue because she thinks that Florence killed her dad. She then cuts loose by stabbing Florence in the back several times with a blunt pair of scissors.

When Christy finds out what her adopted daughter (Aphra) has done she proceeds to untie Florence from the tree that she was tied to in the last episode. Unfortunately, The Gentleman turns up and finishes the job after Christy and Aphra run for their lives.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 6.

Christy’s Face-job and Mercy Killing

After retreating to safe room from The Gentleman, Aphra has a freak out when Christy tells her that it wasn’t Florence who killed her dad. To calm her down, Christy gives Aphra a sedative to sleep calm her down and allow her to sleep. While she’s asleep, Christy goes through Aphra’s phone and makes the startling discovery (thanks to some vlog videos) that Aphra is a con-artist who pretends to be a troubled child to get adopted and out of her war-torn country.

In a jump scare moment, Aphra wakes up and Christy accuses her of what she’s seen on Aphra’s phone. Aphra then jumps Christy and starts chewing her face off in an absolutely sadistic moment of torture. Once this scene is over, Christy stumbles back to the mansion where the remaining Galloways are and it’s revealed that Christy’s face has been torn to shreds. She then yells at them to mercy kill her which Birgit grants under duress.

It’s always the sweet ones that get absolutely brutalised in this show.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 6.

Aphra gets sawn in half

At the end of this episode 6 we were left the feeling that Aphra had switched sides and was going to start assisting The Gentleman with his kills. However, in her eurphoric manic state, Aphra allows The Gentleman to tie her legs to one tree and her hands to another tree, and then proceeds to saw her in half.

I guess The Gentleman wasn’t her daddy after all. But we knew that after seeing Seamus already die in episode 3. It would appear that no one has bigger daddy issues than crazy little Aphra.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 7.

Grace gets her ultimate reward

When Grace is locked in Spencer’s room for her own protection she discovers a secret passage which leads to the final game which she wins. However, this same passage is what The Gentleman uses to get the jump on her, which he then pours hot melting gold down her throat which kills her in the most vile of way.

At least in the end, she got a reward.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 7.

Dr Trinh’s First Kill

At the end of episode 7, The Gentleman is revealed to be Dr. Trinh who, turns out, didn’t perish in that wood chipper after all. In a flashback, Trinh attends an art exhibition before it opens and uses a compressing machine to crush the skull of the art exhibitor. Getting her first kill and starting her down the journey of becoming a professional contract killer.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 8.

Theo and Liv in Slasher: Season 4, Episode 8
Theo and Liv in Slasher: Season 4, Episode 8

The Twins Fight

With no one left except Liv, this forces Vincent and Theo to deal with their childhood issues. However, Vincent wants to deal with them by stabbing Theo. The two of them then get into a wrestling match with Vincent trying to stab Theo and so Theo pulls out a cord and uses it like an assassin and manages to saw Vincent’s head in half.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 8.

The Ultimate Betrayal

With Vincent out of the picture, Liv and Vincent give in to their carnal urges and have sex. Despite, Liv technically being Vincent’s cousin. After they’re finished, Vincent says they should get married and not tell anyone about how they’re related. However, he then makes the mistake by telling Liv that he once ran into a daycare center and killed a bunch of kids and got away with it which is heinously horrible but then he doubles down and says “I don’t mind that you’re poor” which then causes her to get him into a choke hold and snap his neck.

This scene appears in Slasher Season 4, Episode 8.

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