Choof Drops Mortuary Rat (Music Video)

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Choof Drops Mortuary Rat (Music Video)

About Choof’s Mortuary Rat

Choof’s EP “Dimwitted Amoral Exploitation” was released on April 27th, 2023 and features the track for music video Mortuary Rat. The video incorporates live footage which was filmed by Louis Gaudet of GDI Studios at the band’s performance at King Lears Throne, Brisbane – on February 11th, 2023. While the final clip was edited by Hussein Khoder.

Mortuary Rat is a relentless, filthy, grindcore explosion which sounds like Pig Destroyer and The Red Chord battling to the death.

Watch Mortuary Rat

The only thing darker than the video content is the lyrics and the story behind it. The song is about convicted embalmer Karen Greenlee, who was convicted of stealing a hearse and having sex with the corpse it contained. She is one of out of a list of very few convicted necrophiliacs who happens to be a woman. How’s that for entertaining?

Mortuary Rat contains aspects of a live performance and what looks like stop motion footage of animals decaying which leans into the overall theme of the song. Both aspects of the video are then edited together into a seamless way which makes you want for experiencing Choof live. There just isn’t much in the way of transgressive and exploitation themes anymore. I’m thankful that Choof aren’t afraid to go into the darkest recesses of our psyches and create music about it.

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What did you think of Mortuary Rat?

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