Wanna Play? 30 Chucky Quotes From The Child’s Play Series

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Chucky Quotes From Child's Play

About Chucky From Child’s Play

What is a good horror movie franchise if not based on an unkillable titan? It’s hard to imagine hence why there are so many singular entries. With Child’s Play though, that titan comes fun size with all of the cute catchphrases you’d expect when you pulled its drawcord. Chucky comes to us by way of soul transfer as Charles Lee Ray needs to make a fast getaway from the police. As a doll, his murder spree doesn’t get cuter, even if he did.

Because Chucky’s body of work is working on its fourth decade, many of the folks that brought it to life have changed, much like the locations in which his story takes place. Child’s Play was brought to life by Don Mancini, Tom Holland, and John Lafia. One star that continues to return to the many branches of this story is Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine. Of course, we have Chucky being voiced by the great Brad Dourif.

A real lesson to learn from this franchise is to never judge the size of someone’s body, but instead their character. Chucky takes us on a killing spree that sprawls so many locations, and so many victims. He was even able to start a family! Enjoy our favorite Chucky quotes!

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Chucky Quotes From The Child’s Play Franchise

“I’m fucking infamous. I’m one of the most notorious slashers in history, and I don’t want to give that up. I am Chucky the killer doll, and I dig it!” – Chucky

“My friends call me Chucky.” – Chucky

“I can’t think of a thing to say. Fuck.” – Chucky

“Welcome to the cult, pal.” – Chucky

“You got to suck titty today. Look what happened to me.” – Chucky

“Snap out of it! You act like you’ve never seen a dead body before.” – Chucky

“I should have asked you this a long time ago. Tiffany, will you be my bride?” – Chucky

“Now we’ll never know if she’s a natural redhead.” – Chucky

“I just can’t with this guy. I don’t know whether to kill him or take notes!” – Chucky

“Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?” – Chucky

“Suprise! Did you miss me, Andy? I sure missed you.” – Chucky

“You know what they say, you just can’t keep a Good Guy down.” – Chucky

“Presto, you’re dead!” – Chucky

“I got a new game, sport. It’s called ‘Hide The Soul’, and guess what? You’re it!” – Chucky

“This is it, world! From now on, no more Mr. Good Guy.” – Chucky

“I’m new and improved.” – Chucky

“How’s it hangin’, Phil?” – Chucky

“It ain’t the size that counts, asshole. It’s what you do with it.” – Chucky

“Man, I really gotta get out of this body.” – Chucky

“Don’t fuck with the Chuck!” – Chucky

“You god damned women drivers!” – Chucky

“Tampering with the mail is a federal offense.” – Chucky

“I don’t have a ‘problem’ with killing.” – Chucky

“I hate kids.” – Chucky

“Where the hell did you learn to bake!” – Chucky

“Get off my knife.” – Chucky

“Drive, before I kick your fucking teeth in!” – Chucky

“I’m fucking trapped in here!” – Chucky

“Nothing like a strangulation to get the circulation going.” – Chucky

“I’m not ashamed to be a killer. It is not an addiction, it is a choice!” – Chucky

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