Clerks 2 Trivia Questions And Answers

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Clerks 2 Trivia Questions And Answers

It’s Time For Some Clerks 2 Trivia!

Clerks 2 is a comedy film created by Kevin Smith. It is the sequel to his debut 1994 film Clerks. We get to catch up on the lives of Dante and Randal since we last saw them working at Quick Stop and RST Video, respectively.

I am a lifelong fan of Kevin Smith, and Clerks 2 is one of my favorite movies. It does a great job of building on the original while modernizing the production. The film also has a variety of hilarious cameos.

You’ve tried our Clerks trivia quiz. Now it is time to test your knowledge of its sequel, Clerks 2. Let us know how well you did with these trivia questions on social media!

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Clerks 2 Trivia Questions And Answers

1. No longer at the Quick Stop, Dante and Randal now work at this establishment.

2. Jay does a sexy Buffalo Bill dance to the song ‘Goodbye Horses’ by this artist.
Q Lazzarus

3. While not reprising his role of Willem from Mallrats, this actor does make a purchase from Jay and Silent Bob.
Ethan Suplee

4. Dante and Randal’s boss, Becky, is played by this famous actress.
Rosario Dawson

5. This film producer and View Askew alum makes a brief cameo as a father concerned about indecent exposure.
Scott Mosier

6. Dante’s fiance, Emma, is played by this actress who is also married to Kevin Smith.
Jennifer Schwalbach

7. At Dante’s going away party, Randal hires an exotic performer with this name.
Kinky Kelly and The Sexy Stud

8. Trevor Fehrman plays this coworker whose passions are Jesus, The Transformers, and The Lord Of The Rings.

9. After Randal mistakenly makes racist remarks, he gets yelled at by a customer played by this comedian and actress.
Wanda Sykes

10. Randal plays on Elias’ fears of hell when he sings him the song ‘Welcome Home’ by this artist.
King Diamond

11. A customer, played by this actor, vomits after Randal makes fun of Lord Of The Rings for too long.
Kevin Weisman

12. Elias tells Randal that he can’t lose his virginity due to this troll protecting his girlfriend.

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Clerks 2 Trivia Questions

13. This actor plays Lance Dowds, a customer who brags to Dante and Randal about his successes since high school.
Jason Lee

14. An argument ensues after Randal mixes up Hellen Keller and this other historical figure.
Anne Frank

15. At the end of Clerks 2, Dante and Randal decide to quit Mooby’s and do this instead.
Buy the Quick Stop

16. The little girl Dante sees through the window is played by this actress and daughter of Kevin Smith.
Harley Quinn Smith

17. When Becky teaches Dante how to dance, they practice with the song ‘ABC’ by this classic group.
The Jackson 5

18. Dante decides to call it off with Emma after Becky gives him this piece of news.
She is pregnant with his child.

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Clerks 2 Movie Quiz

How Did You Do With These Clerks 2 Trivia Questions?

We hope you enjoyed our list of Clerks 2 trivia questions and answers. How many movie trivia questions did you get correct? Let us know on social media!

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