Kevin Smith Gets Meta In The Clerks 3 Trailer

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Clerks 3 Trailer Kevin Smith

About Clerks 3

Clerks is the film that started it all for Kevin Smith. The low-budget black and white comedy is a cult classic that has inspired many modern creators. While we have not had a shortage of Kevin Smith films over the years, it has been quite some time since we have had an installment of Clerks.

On July 6th, 2022, Kevin Smith dropped the trailer for Clerks 3. This is a long-awaited film for Kevin Smith fans. He has been teasing it and talking about it for what feels like forever. It looks like we are finally going to get the ending of the Clerks trilogy this fall.

When we last left Dante and Randal, they were making big life changes. Dante dumps his fiance Emma for Becky. Dante and Randal decide to give up their jobs at Moobys and buy the Quick Stop. Instead of being clerks, they get to own the business that has been the backdrop for their friendship. We finally get to see how that plays out.

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Watch The Clerks 3 Trailer

Clerks Comes Full Circle

In the trailer for Clerks 3, we see Randal Graves suffering from health problems. This new lease on life inspires him to make a film about Clerks. Based on the references and callbacks in the trailer, it looks like Randal is embodying Kevin Smith himself. He is essentially going to make his own version of the first Clerks FIlm.

The View Askewniverse is already crazy as it is. I mean how many other film series have lore that crosses between franchises and genres. Don’t even get me started on how Jay and Silent Bob are canon in the Scream series. Jokes aside, Clerks 3 looks like it will have a very interesting spin on the Kevin Smith lore.

What Did You Think Of The Clerks 3 Trailer?

We are excited to see the final chapter in the Clerks series. What did you think of the Clerks 3 trailer? Let us know on social media!

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