23 Clerks Trivia Questions And Answers (1994 Film)

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Clerks Trivia Questions Kevin Smith

It’s Time For Some Clerks Trivia!

Clerks is a comedy film starring Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti, and Lisa Spoonhaur. It was edited and produced by Scott Mosier. The film was released on October 19th, 1994. The film centers around two slackers who work at a convenience store and the adjoining video rental store.

This is one of my all-time favorite films, and definitely one of my favorite Kevin Smith films. Today, I want to test your knowledge of the movie with these Clerks trivia questions and answers. Use these questions to test your friends, or print them out for your next trivia night.

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Clerks Trivia Questions And Answers

1. The movie Clerks takes place in New Jersey, at this convenience store.
Quick Stop Groceries

2. Scott Mosier, the executive producer for Clerks, also played a character with this dirty nickname.

3. Brian O’Halloran plays this main character, who is not even supposed to be there today.
Dante Hicks

4. Marilyn Ghigliotti plays this girlfriend of Dante who brings him lasagna for lunch.

5. These two drug dealers hang outside of the Quick Stop, and appear in most of Kevin Smith’s films.
Jay And Silent Bob

6. Dante has a hard time opening the shutters to the Quick Stop because of this problem with the locks.
There is chewing gum jammed in them

7. In the original ending of Clerks, this happens to Dante as he closes up the store.
He is shot and killed

8. A fit customer makes fun of Dante after he grunts while doing this.
Lifting a gallon of milk

9. Alongside Dante, Jeff Anderson plays this loud-mouthed video store clerk.
Randal Graves

10. The late Lisa Spoonauer plays this wild and beautiful ex-girlfriend of Dante.
Caitlin Bree

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Clerks Trivia Questions And Answers

11. The customer that gets offended by Dante and Randal’s conversation is played by this actor, a childhood friend of Kevin Smith.
Walt Flanagan

12. When Dante can’t leave the store unattended, the gang decides to play hockey at this location.
The roof of the Quick Stop

13. Dante and Randal have a discussion about the worker’s rights of contractors in this famous film franchise.
Star Wars

14. When eating chips and queso, Randal reenacts a scene from this famous movie.

15. Silent Bob’s Russian cousin, Olaf, entertains the gang when he sings this song.

16. During Silent Bob’s only line in the movie, he tells Dante that most beautiful women don’t bring you lasagna at work, they do this instead.
They cheat on you

17. When a customer starts a riot over the dangers of cigarettes, Veronica finds out he actually works for this company.
Chewlie’s Gum

18. When Dante can’t open the shutters, he makes a ‘We’re Open’ sign out of this material.
Shoe polish

19. Randal works at this video store, located next door to the Quick Stop.
RST Video

20. Dante and Caitlin Bree attempt to rekindle their relationship until Caitlin is traumatized by this activity.
She had sex with a dead guy in the bathroom

21. While Randal is ordering a plethora of adult films, a woman and child ask him to reserve this movie.
Happy Scrappy Hero Pup

22. Jay says that Silent Bob is so cute it makes him want to act like this performing animal.
A circus seal

23. Dante gets insecure around Veronica after he finds out she performed oral sex on this many men.
36 (37 if you include Dante)

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Clerks Trivia Questions 1994 Movie

How Did You Do With These Clerks Trivia Questions?

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