Top 10 Comic Book Superheroes That Wear Pink or Are Pink

Let's celebrate pink supers!

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About Pink Superheroes

Pink is a colour which the superhero genre doesn’t see a lot of. Which is crazy to me because you think it would. Sure, there’s your mainstream pink supers like Gwenpool and Atom Eve but after that – which superheroes are actually wearing the Pink colour loud and proud? So, we decided to find out.

Everyone has their favourite red, white, blue, black, green and yellow coloured superheroes. But what about the pink supers? Is it a colour reserved only for the female superheroes or are their male counterparts also pulling up those superhero tights? Let’s dive deep.

1. Glob

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Glob
Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Glob

Born as Robert Hernan, Glob was born into a family where his father hated on mutants so much that when Glob mutated his father turned abusive and started beating on him. His mother, however, when she was given the first opportunity snuck him out of the house and drove him up to the X-Men mansion in Westchester and left him there. Great parents, right?

Adopting the name “Glob”, his skin is completely transparent and made up of pink bio-paraffin, or “living wax” leaving his skeleton exposed. It also makes it hard for him to make friends due to his appearance and his internal hatred towards mutants (thanks to his father). Or at least it did, at the start.

Thankfully, the positive influence the mutants at the X-Men mansion have had on him led him to eventually start to accept himself and who he was. In accepting his mutant heritage, he has begun to accept the gift he has and is now part of the New Mutants branch of the X-Men.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s the coolest looking pink character on this list.

2. Dinah Soar

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Dinah Soar
Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Dinah Soar

If you’re looking at Dinah and thinking to yourself “damn, she’s the hottest pterodactyl I’ve ever seen” then you’d be right. Published by Marvel Comics, Dinah Soar is part pterodactyl, part humanoid and almost all fabulously pink. While much isn’t known about Dinah, what is known is that she was originally drawn to Wisconsin and despite not being able to communicate verbally she has always gone out of her way to help others. Even if they didn’t quite who or what she was.

She is a member of the Great Lakes Avengers, thanks to answering an advertisement looking for costumed superheroes, posted by Mr Immortal. It was there that she fell in love with Mr Immortal. Interestingly, Dinah’s species mates monogamously for life and part of choosing that life partner means they can then understand Dinah.

Tragically, this pink pterodactyl woman perished during a Great Lakes Avengers mission which means we probably won’t see her again in comics anytime soon. Unless if she gets rebooted or brought back to some degree.

3. Amon Hakk

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Amon Hakk
Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Amon Hakk

Published by DC Comics, Amon Hakk is a Khund warrior and was the first of the Khund people to apply for membership in the Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network (L.E.G.I.O.N.). So, sort of a bounty hunter mixed with a superhero.

Besides having a really cool pink complexion to his skin, Amon Hakk possesses super human strength and is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant. A welcome addition to this list of pink superheroes.

4. Blink

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Blink

The origin of Clarice Ferguson aka Blink dates back to the Marvel Comics event involving the alien entity and thorn in the X-Men side, The Phalanx. Blink was one of the many young mutants who the Phalanx sought to assimilate into its collective and to control. Initially terrified of using her own mutant powers in which she can open up teleportation warp portals, Blink eventually used them on her Phalanx guard, killing him and in doing so, freeing many young mutants so they could escape.

Since then, Blink has been brought back many times throughout many X-Men storylines. From the Necrosha storyline to Regenesis to Krakoa to S.W.O.R.D. She just can’t catch a break which works out great for us since we get to enjoy many more stories of this pink skinned young mutant.

Blink is such a fan favourite that the character has been portrayed in live action twice: firstly by Fan Bingbing in X-Men: Days of Future Past and then by Jamie Chung in The Gifted tv show.

5. Yz

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Yz
Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Yz

Yz is probably the most bizarre entry on this list of pink comic book character. Yz is the real name of Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt, an invisible pink thunderbolt-shaped magic genie who can do about anything if it has a human guide to steer it. Whaaaaat? Don’t worry. It gets weirder.

Adding more fuel to the weird fire, Yz resides in a magic pen and is called into action when it’s clicked and the words “so cool” are said. For a while, the Thunderbolt was merged with his archenemy, the blue djinn known as Lkz, into a purple Thunderbolt.

Since then, Yz has returned to his usual pink self. To top it off, Yz also merged with Johnny Thunder’s soul, and became Johnny Thunderbolt, with an Yz appearance but with Johnny’s mind, and now the original master is the genie.

I promise this is as weird as it gets.

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6. Dendrok

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Dendrok
Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Dendrok

Published by Marvel Comics, Dendrok is a pink Inhuman and was a member of the New Inhuman Elite under Gorgon ang helped defend against Blastaar, Devos and guarded the perimeter when Gorgon confronted Maximus.

7. Carina Tivan

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Carina Tivan

Carina Tivan is the daughter of the Taneleer Tivan, one of the Elders of the Universe, and Matani Tivan. This means that Carina Tavina might be one of the oldest beings in the Marvel universe. When she was old enough she left her parents to explore the universe. She was sent by her father, The Collector, to seduce one of his greatest enemies: Michael Korvac.

Carina Tivan’s skin has been portrayed in many different colours. Although, white and a deep bright pink are often the main reoccuring ones.

She can fire bursts of powerful energy and alter molecules at the subatomic level. And if that;s not enough she can also see possible futures and place of consciousness of individuals into other bodies and restore them again at will.

Apparently every Friday is “Freaky Friday” at Carina’s house.

8. Aphrodite

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Carina Tivan
Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Carina Tivan

If you’re familiar with Greek mythology or have watched any episode of the Hercules tv show from the 90s then chances are you’re more than familiar with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite has turned up in many comic book issues over the years. Usually in the pages of a Wonder Woman comic book or a Wonder Woman centric story. Due to the myth and supernatural characters that appear in Wonder Woman on a regular basis. Aphrodite is said to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world and so it’s no surprise that she’s painstakingly drawn and coloured with pristine pink skin or in beautiful dresses.

Aphrodite has teamed up and worked against Wonder Woman on many occasions which has earnt her a place on this list.

9. Gwenpool

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Gwenpool

Gwenpool is a huge hit as a fan favourite character. Especially given when you check out her wikipedia page, it’s longer than the list of her actual appearances. Gwenpool aka Gwendolyn Poole is an amalgam of Gwen Stacy and Wade Wilson (Deadpool). She’s appeared primarily as a guest character and in the pages of her own one-shot Holiday Special and, later on, her own series (26 issues) which ran from 2016-2018.

Gwenpool has all the sass of Gwen Stacy and all the abilities of Deadpool. This makes Gwenpool her an incredibly powerful force to be reckoned with. Not to mention loaded with wisecracks that’ll make you want to track down every issue of Unbelievable Gwenpool.

10. Atom Eve

Top 10 Pink Comic Book Superheroes: Atom Eve

If you’re familiar with Robert Kirkman then chances are you’ve heard of the comic book called Invincible. A superhero homage that was an enormous tribute to supers throughout DC Comics featured Mark Grayson, a teenager who finds out he has super powers like that of his dad, Omni-Man. However, he soon realises that Omni-Man was sent to earth to enslave the population when the time is right.

Along for most of the right is his girlfriend/wife/love of his life, Atom Eve, whom he meets in high school and soon realises that she has super powers too. Like her name suggests, Atom Eve can manipulate matter but (thanks to a pesky mind block) she cannot create matter. At least at the start.

Atom Eve sports a nifty pink leotard superhero outfit which is handy for all the flying around she does. But don’t let Mark’s girlfriend fool you, she is just as heroic as he is. Perhaps more so.

What did you think of these Pink Colored Superheroes?

What did you think of this list of red coloured superheroes? Sure, we left some out but are any of these your favourites?

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