One Silly Girl: We Watched Cunk On Earth (Review)

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Cunk On Earth Review

Cunk On Earth Trailer

About Philomena Cunk

Philomena Cunk is a character in the show Cunk On Earth played by Diane Morgan, originally on BBC and available to stream on Netflix. Philomena Cunk is an investigative journalist taking a deeper look at issues that stir us daily. In her show with one season available, she explores five topics that cause her brain undue itching: The world’s beginning, what faiths are and which one may be the best, the rise of the Renaissance, the revolution of industry, and naturally a deeper look at the wars that shook our world.

Philomena is a quirky sort, with a large but sometimes muddled mind. We often times see her crossing two words, adding endings to words that aren’t correct, and posing questions that cause thought but likely not in a productive way. She is charismatic, clumsy, and charming all the same, even if the field experts she interviews think conversely.

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About Cunk On Earth

Cunk On Earth is a mockumentary interview and travel show where our beloved Philomena interviews experts in their respective fields, travel about, and sometimes makes a mess of ageless artifacts. She will play off any damage done and she ensures us that the guests will answer her questions, it is her show after all. What she does best is to take us down unexpected avenues of subjects, because of something she read on the internet. Everything on the internet is true, by the way.

When it comes to mockumentaries, many times what we get is a little more set environment seemingly all parties scripted feel. With Cunk on Earth, there may be some scripting with Philomena but the discomfort, confusion, and hilarity all seem very genuine and unplanned. Surprisingly, several of the experts try to look at Philomena’s inquiries with respect while keeping the face of “This is exactly what talking to self-diagnosed geniuses is like.”

The character is interesting in that, without the further backstory, why would they care? Why would they be so passionate about tracking down answers, people, and places? Is this all because there’s a mortgage to be paid? The better part of not knowing is that she maneuvers about almost untethered like many people we see in a real position of that type.

The episodes are under thirty minutes, so you’re getting a very packed and interest-demanding show every time you watch. Why do you need to pay attention to silly antics? You’ve never heard words like these, the viewpoints she holds are ideally not ones you’ve heard within your circle (if so, review your circle and adjust accordingly), and if she’s given an artifact it will not stand a chance.

If you’re a fan of comedy or mockumentary, Cunk On Earth is a shoo-in for your “to watch” list. At only five episodes in a season, it is a very fast binge, and with Netflix being on a cancel-spree for new things, it best to see it now before they think it “underperforms”. I’m giving this a 9/10 because it’s as close to perfect as it can be for the genre without it being a movie or a longer format.

Do what’s right this winter: Get a nice fleece throw, a warm beverage, your pets in order, and someone to hold your hand while you all watch comedy gold flow from the minds of Diane Morgan, Christian Watt, and the several writers and producers.

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Cunk On Earth Review Netflix

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