CVLTE Drops Tokyo Insomnia (MUSIC VIDEO)

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CVLTE Tokyo Insomnia Music Video


CVLTE is a rock band based out of Japan, and their name is an interesting spelling for a word pronounced “cult”. Though they are described as rock, they weave many musical tastes into their production including a heavy techno/EDM influence. Their songs are dark and moody, especially with Tokyo insomnia’s line “I try to kill myself often” coming almost immediately out the gate. The music video is very sporadic and features effects that really please the eyes.

The music video was released on December 13th, 2022 was directed/edited/colored by Takahito Matsuno (maxilla) and produced by Tsuyoshi Yabuki (maxilla) and is part of a 5-song EP CHAPTER II: TOKYO INSOMNIA.

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Watch Tokyo Insomnia

What Did You Think Of Tokyo Insomnia?

CVLTE’s ‘tokyo insomnia’ is a leap from traditional rock and tremendous energy to be experienced! What did you think of the music video? Have you listened to the EP? Let us know on social media!

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