Remembering Daniel Radcliffe’s Alphabet Aerobics Performance On Jimmy Fallon

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Daniel Radcliffe Alphabet Aerobics

Daniel Radcliffe Performing Alphabet Aerobics

Most people know Daniel Radcliffe as the boy who lived. However, he has had an interesting career since the Harry Potter franchise. He stars alongside the legendary Steve Buschemi in the comedy series Miracle Workers. He played a cop undercover as a neonazi skinhead in Imperium. Daniel even had a cameo in the cult classic adult animation series BoJack Horseman.

What many people don’t know is that Daniel Radcliffe is also a huge fan of alternative and underground music. I don’t have evidence for this, but I first heard about this when a friend told me he heard that Radcliffe was a fan of the hardcore ska band Leftover Crack. We also got to see him play Weird Al in his recently-released comedic biopic.

In 2014, Daniel Radcliffe was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As we all know, Fallon regularly plays silly games with his guests. These segments are some of the most popular parts of his show.

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During the interview, Jimmy Fallon asks Radcliffe about his love for hip hop. Radcliffe explains that he loves the complex lyrical nature of the hip hop genre. This leads the conversation to Fallon asking Radcliffe to perform Alphabet Aerobics by the classic hip hop group Blackalicious.

For those who don’t know, Alphabet Aerobics is a classic hip hop track. The lyrics attempt to use as many words as possible for each letter of the alphabet. The song even speeds up halfway through to add some difficulty to the lyrics.

Though this is a bit of a gimmicky song, Blackalicious (rapper Gift Of Gab and producer Chief Xcel) has a great catalog as a hip hop duo. My personal favorite album is 2002’s Blazing Arrow.

Daniel Radcliffe accepts the challenge and performs Alphabet Aerobics in front of a live studio audience. Honestly, he kills it. You can tell that he genuinely loves this song and hip hop in general. Plus, he got to be backed by The Roots. This is basically any hip hop lover’s dream.

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How Do You Feel About Daniel Radcliffe Performing Alphabet Aerobics?

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of Daniel Radcliffe performing Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious. How do you feel about this clip? Let us know on social media!

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