The Danny Brown Show Drops Its 10th Episode

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Danny Brown Show

The Danny Brown Show’s 10th Episode

I’ve heard a lot of people say that a podcast doesn’t become real until its 10th episode. Recently, hip hop artist Danny Brown started his own podcast. The podcast just released its 10th episode, and it has been one of my favorite podcasts for the past few months.

The Danny Brown show is produced by Your Mom’s House Studios, the production company created by comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. From what I understand, Danny Brown started the podcast with the support of Tom and Christina after many appearances on Your Mom’s House Podcast. Four stroke gang.

I’ve been a fan of Danny Brown’s music for well over a decade, and I was really happy to hear that he was starting a podcast. In all that I know about Danny Brown, he seems like a really funny and easygoing person. His songs are filled with humorous lines and a lot of goofy and nerdy references to pop culture. I feel like Danny Brown is a rapper that a lot of people can easily relate to.

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For those who don’t know, the Danny Brown show is broken up into segments. These segments include contributions from fans and audience members. People send in their freestyles and requests for advice from Danny, as well as ‘would you rather’ questions. Danny Brown even has a wheel that he spins and he will discuss any topic that it lands on. My favorite segment is ‘White People Shit’.

So far, every episode of this podcast has been well made and is extremely entertaining. Danny Brown is just as hilarious as his music is. It usually takes a lot of podcasters a while to kind of find their groove and their space. While I think Danny Brown will continue to grow as a podcaster, he definitely seems very at home and natural behind the mic. That said, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Are You A Fan Of The Danny Brown Show?

We just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Danny Brown on reaching the 10th episode of his podcast. Have you listened to the Danny Brown show? What are your thoughts? Let us know on social media!

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