Dead By Daylight Welcomes ‘Ring’ Inspired Killer

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Sadako Rising Coming to Dead by Daylight

Sadako Joins Dead By Daylight

“From the depths, a dark presence stirs. Spread the curse to Dead by Daylight, with a new Chapter inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and the original film adaptation. Sadako Rising features a new Killer – The Onryō – and a new Survivor, Yoichi Asakawa.​”

Chapter 23 is here in the Dead by Daylight universe. This chapter is inspired by the book Ringu and the original film adaptation. ‘Sadako Rising‘ features a new Killer – The Onryō – and a new Survivor, Yoichi Asakawa.​ Along with the new killer and survivor, some new perks are here. 

First, The Onryō killer power at the beginning of each game, Deluge of Fear, allows Sadako to start each trial undetectable and invisible to players. Sadako can also project throughout the map coming through a classic television set from the original story. We’ve also got some new killer perks: 

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  • Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage – Begin each trial with 4 scourge hooks. If a survivor is hooked on one of the scourge hooks, the survivors are revealed for a short time.
  • Call of Brine – Upon kicking a generator, its aura is highlighted and progress regresses faster for an extended duration. Any time a Survivor completes a Good Skill Check on an affected generator, you receive a loud noise notification.
  • Merciless Storm – When a generator is nearly complete, Survivors repairing that generator will face continuous Skill Checks until the repair is complete. If they miss or stop repairing, the generator is temporarily blocked.

Along with the new killer perks, we’ve got new survivor perks as well:

  • Parental Guidance – After stunning the Killer, your scratch marks, pools of blood, and grunts of pain are hidden for a brief duration.
  • Empathetic Connection – When another Survivor is injured, your aura is revealed to them from a distance. You can also heal your teammates faster.
  • Boon: Dark Theory – Bless a Dull or Hex Totem to create a Boon Totem. All Survivors within range of the Boon Totem gain a boost to movement speed. The boost continues for a brief duration upon leaving the Boon’s aura.

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When you purchase this chapter’s DLC you also get a spooky cursed videotape charm filled with disturbing images. Dead by Daylight is on sale now for up to 50% on select platforms until March 22nd.

The new killer and survivor perks really give a fun advantage to both sides that Dead By Daylight has needed for a while and will definitely bring a breath of fresh air to the game. We can’t promise you’ll have 7 days after retrieving the tape in your trial…so you better think fast. Read the full backstory of Yoichi Asakawa and The Onryō here.

Are You Excited Or Terrified For This New Chapter Of DBD?

Will you be playing Killer or Survivor in this new chapter of Dead by Daylight? Let us know on social media today!

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