Deftones Are Back With Their Belching Beaver ‘Beauty School’ Pilsner

Beer And Music Go Well Together

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Deftones Belching Beaver Beauty School Pilsner

Deftones Belching Beaver Beauty School Pilsner

Nothing goes better together than rock shows and beer right? The Amerian alternative metal band Deftones who formed in Sacramento, California are back with another collaboration with Belching Beaver. Derived from what some would call their favorite Deftones album…okay top 3, Diamond Eyes, this Beauty School pilsner hit the scene twelve years later being the 9th installment into the Deftones beer venture.

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Deftones has been collaborating with Belching Beaver to create music-related beers since 2016. Craftshack describes the beer as:

“…a modern take on the classic pilsner style. This beer takes the crisp and refreshing drinkability of a bright pilsner and packs in a dry hop regiment of tropical flavors and dank aromas that will drive you wild. You’ll be shooting for the stars after just one sip.”

The drink will be made available in US states including: AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, NE, NV, MN, OR, TX, WA, and WI. You can grab a Beauty School Pilsner at any Belching Beaver location starting February 4th on draft or in a 4-pack. Preorders start February 4th and will ship out mid-February with choices between a single 16oz can and a 12 pack. 

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