Does Death Grips’ New Tweet Mean New Music?

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Death Grips New Music 2022

Death Grips Is Online?

Let’s face it. Death Grips hasn’t been the most active group over the past few years. They basically disappeared after their last full-length album, 2018’s Year Of The Snitch. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on a new project. As we all know, Death Grips is a very private and mysterious trio.

The new Tweet is a short video of hands surrounding a large moth. In true Death Grips’ fashion, the video is very chaotic and confusing. The moth seems to be flying but isn’t really going anywhere.

This is the group’s first Tweet since December of 2021. This Tweet featured drummer Zach Hill passing a gold bar through a small window. Before these two Tweets, Death Grips had not posted on Twitter since June of 2019.

While Death Grips hasn’t been active recently, the members of the group are still at work. Andy Morin has created the awesome A2B2 art collective. Zach Hill dropped a new Undo K From Hot album last year. Stefan…well he’s just Stefan.

Is Death Grips online? We sure hope so. It has been too long since we have had some new Death Grips music. Even if it is not a new album, I am excited to see any new project they throw my way.

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What Do You Think About Death Grips’ New Tweet?

Is there new Death Grips music on the way, or are they just trolling us? Let us know your opinion on social media!

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