DOMi & JD BECK Drop ‘summer22’

New Video From A Creative Duo

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DOMi JD Beck summer22

‘summer22’ by DOMi & JD Beck

DOMi & JD Beck are two artists that I have been following for a while. I first heard of them when YouTube recommended me their Madvillain tribute medley. Any fan of MF DOOM is a friend of mine. I was immediately impressed with their style and skill level, especially when I found out how young these musicians are.

DOMi’s keyboard abilities are so creative. I am always impressed with the skill and style of the compositions. JD Beck is an absolute beast on drums. The rhythms have this intricate breakbeat style that almost sounds like a sped-up drum sample.

The duo recently dropped a new track on YouTube, titled ‘summer22’. This is the first video posted to their official YouTube channel in the past year. I was really excited to see a new video from this talented pair. Enjoy!

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Watch ‘summer22’

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Are You A Fan Of DOMi & JD Beck?

We thought ‘summer22’ was a great track and we can’t wait to hear more of what DOMi & JD produce this year. Are you a fan of DOMi & JD Beck? Let us know on social media!

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