27 Funniest Dundie Award Ideas For Your Office Party

Grab your colleagues and head over to your closest Chili's! It is time for our favorite award ceremony based on our favorite television series, The Office.

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Dundie Award Ideas

Funny Superlatives For Work

Grab your colleagues and head over to your closest Chili’s for second drink! It is time for our favorite award ceremony based on our favorite television series, The Office

Spruce up your next office party with these great ideas for your very own “Dundie” awards. These superlative-style joke awards are a great way to have a laugh while showing support to your coworkers. You don’t have to work at Dunder Mifflin to partake in the festivities!

Below you will find my personal list of Dundie award ideas that can be given to employees at your place of work. This game would also work well at a party themed after The Office.

Please note that many of these ideas are fairly specific and may poke fun at the employee. Please make sure that these awards are given in good taste and great fun. 

Dundie Award Ideas (Office Superlatives)

The Lunch Lad/Lady – The employee who is the most particular about their lunch routine/habits. There is always that one person in the office who has their lunch routine down pat. They set it up, heat it up, and eat it up with the same style every day. Think Molly Ringwald setting up the sushi in The Breakfast Club

The 2:30 Warrior – The employee that regularly gets their second wind in the afternoon. While we are all in our post-lunch coma, The 2:30 Warrior keeps on killing their workload. We all just assume they go to bed promptly at 6pm. 

The Tidiest – The employee with the cleanest desk. They never have any piles of papers or documents. The Tidiest is always good for a wet wipe or napkin. 

The Snackmaster – The employee who always has the best snacks in their desk. You can always rely on them when you have the mid-morning munchies. Leave the rice cakes at home when The Snackmaster is in the office. 

The Paper Wizard – The employee who is always printing something. Everything is available digitally, yet this person needs to keep their own set of files. 

The Desk-iny’s Child – The employee that can always be heard singing to themselves. No matter what happens, they have a song for the occasion. 

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The Content Curator – The employee who sends the most hyperlinks and spam emails. They always have a funny article for you to read, or chain letter to be passed along. 

The Doodler – The employee who is always drawing in the margins. Sometimes it is out of boredom. Sometimes it is to make it through a difficult meaning. Either way, they are improving their artistic skills on a daily basis through the power of doodling. 

The Tabloid – The employee who always knows the good gossip. Is there an affair happening at the office? Did someone get reprimanded by their boss? The Tabloid has you covered. 

The Encyclopedia – The employee who can answer any question about any aspect of the job. This includes benefits, policies, and work flows. It is like they have every document memorized. 

The Informal IT  – The employee who can fix your computer without putting in a request ticket. Forget the red tape! The Informal IT will help you with all of your computer needs…assuming the system will allow them to. 

The Netflix Navigator – The employee who is always burning through insane amounts of television. You can always rely on them to talk about television spoilers, leaks, and plot points. 

The Headphone Hero – The employee who is always wearing headphones. They can’t hear you, and they probably don’t want to. However, they will always hit pause to talk to you about their favorite podcasts. 

The Brown Out – The employee who has the most things plugged in at their desk. You know the person who has a space heater, mini fridge, and has fourteen electronics charging. 

The Earl of Energy – The employee who stays highly caffeinated. We’re talking about Red Bulls, coffee, espresso shots, energy shots. If it is an over-the-counter stimulant, you know The Earl of Energy has you covered.

The Cubicle Commentator – The employee who is always talking about politics. Right or left, centrist or anarchist, The Cubicle Commentator will always pull the conversation into the political realm.

The Delivery Demon – The employee who orders the most delivery food. Grubhub, Door Dash, Domino’s, you got it! The Delivery Demon loves having their food brought to them. 

The Binging Barista – The employee who drinks coffee all day long. Who doesn’t love when The Barista rolls around with their 8th cup of the day. 

The Personal Caller – The employee who makes the most personal calls. They always have a doctors office to all, or a handyman to talk to. Their life is just too busy to put on pause for eight hours a day. 

The Megaphone Mouth – The employee who is the loudest. You all know that person. They are the one who sounds like they are standing right next to you when they talk. You later find out that they don’t even work in the same office. Their voice just carries that far. 

The Martyr – The employee that volunteers for the most activities. Fun run? They’re on it. Bake sale? They’re baking. Whatever activity the company brings up, they are a participant. 

The Rules Rebel – The employee who is resistant to any new policies and procedures. Every business meeting is filled with a ton of questions and snarky responses about any changes made to company policy. 

The Desk Dad – The employee who makes the corniest jokes. Every office has one. The Desk Dad gets the office laughing with painfully cringe-inducing puns, jokes, and anecdotes. Honestly, this is the most important Dundie award. Who respects corny puns more than the Dad-joke guy? I should know, I’m one of them.

The Fastest Fingers – This award is for the employee who is always texting. We have no idea how they can send out so many messages and still get their work done. 

The Super Spy – The employee who always knows what the other departments are doing. They are masters of eavesdropping and gathering information about interoffice communication (or lack thereof). 

The Desk Decorator – The employee who has the most decorations on their desk. You all know that person who has their area covered in knick-knacks, flowers, photos, and whatever else they can get their

The Oooooooooh Award – This Dundie is given to the employee who gets called into the boss’ office the most often. When it is presented, you must yell “Ooooooooooh” like when someone got in trouble in grade school. 

What Do You Think?

I hope you liked my list of Dundie Award ideas! I love The Office, and The Dundies-based episodes are some of my favorites. Superlative awards are a fun activity for office parties.

What Dundie Award ideas do you have? How would this activity go over at your place of employment? Let me know on social media!

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