Dwellings Issue 3, The Comic Which Looks Like Murderous Harvey Comics Characters, Gets a Second Printing!

Dwellings Issue 3 2nd Printing pays homage to cut-out masks of yesteryear!

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Dwellings Issue 3 2nd Printing

Dwellings Issue 3 Gets 2nd Printing

For those of you who like cute Harvey Comics-ish characters that get all murderous and stabby, this bit of news will excite the hell out of you – as Dwellings Issue 3 has sold out and is getting a 2nd Printing!

Published by multi-award winning comic book and graphic novel publisher, Oni Press, a fact they like to remind us of in every press release, Dwellings Issue 3 is the final issue by Eisner Award Nominated cartoonist, Jay Stephens.

Dwellings Issue #3 sees the series return to the scene of the crime for one final scare as readers are welcomed back to Elwich—where murderous and horrifying secrets sleep just below the pristine surface, slithering in the shadows of this otherwise quiet and idyllic small town.

If you’ve got a phobia concerning clowns then I’d watch out as in this issue, creepy clowns are quite the treat being offered up by Stephens, Oni Press and Co. Meaning there’s plenty of shock, terror and fun in store for all of you.

This Second Printing Variant of the third issue will be limited to 500 copies and Oni Press are telling retailers that allocations may occur. In other words, the bigger retailers will probably receive the majority of the allocation rather than their smaller counterparts. Such is the way of things. Damn capitalism!

No statement has been issued by Stephens or Oni Press but what I can tell you is this variant cover is by Stephens himself and sports a very nostalgic child-like cereal box horror feel – which I’m sure you’ll all agree with.

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Talent and Sale Dates


Dwellings #3 2nd Printing Variant Art by JAY STEPHENS

Published by Oni Press
On Sale January 31, 2024

2nd Printing Variant Cover

Dwellings Issue #3 - Variant Cover by Jay Stephens, Published by Oni Press
Dwellings Issue #3 – Variant Cover by Jay Stephens, Published by Oni Press

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