We Talked To Em Garcia About Music And Creativity

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Em Garcia Interview

An Interview With Em Garcia

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this week. Please tell the readers a bit about yourself and the work you do.

Em Garcia: My name is Em Garcia. I live a life trying to be as true and real to myself and others as possible. I am a writer, a lyricist, producer, performer, human, never perfect, and a yogi.

It is hard to define yourself in words, to be honest, those are the things I enjoy doing that align with my heart though. I live in Utah with my amazing boyfriend and animals. My logo and everything I do involves being extra kind today, and I try to live true to that daily.

How long have you been making music? How did you get their start?

Em Garcia: I have been making music for 6 years without counting the many times I performed as a child on stage and in the mirror. I started writing again to connect with myself, to understand parts of me, and to help me go through hard times.

That has now become the foundation of my music. Now I have so many more reasons why I do this now. I do this for each and every one of us. Following my dream I know will help others see they can do it as well.

My message is truth. It is breaking away from the list we were taught to check off. It is for every little girl and boy, so they know they are enough and they do not need to be any certain way to be enough. I kept sending my music out there to anyone and everyone.

Someone heard me and asked me to open up for a hip hop show in Salt Lake City and the doors just opened. I was doing 1-4 shows a month for over a year just following my dream, and doing a lot of the robot dance on stage. More than anyone ever should.

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Branding is an important part of being an artist online. How do you approach your branding and marketing?

Em Garcia: To be honest, I am not the best at this. I choose to do it authentically and by being real and raw with my fans. I use platforms that share artists as well to help spread the word. This is something I need to focus more on.

Em Garcia Music

How do you approach your creativity? Do you work at it, wait for inspiration to strike, or something else entirely?

Em Garcia: I live. I do it all. Sometimes I just feel the inspiration so deeply that I cannot do anything but go and create a beat and start writing what I am hearing/feeling. Other times I will just write, write, write. Write what I am feeling, what’s been hard, what I’m thankful for, and lots of heart talking nonsense. When I feel uninspired because, let’s be real, it happens. I go up in nature, practice yoga, or play a video game. I just try to remember to live. To trust the creative process.

Due to COVID and the internet, the way we consume music seems to be changing. Where do you see music going in the future, especially for independent artists?

Em Garcia: I am hoping all of this will settle down, but we have all had to adapt. I feel like more live shows online will be a thing as it already has been. I would like to see more intimate in-person shows as well.

I wish I knew where all this is taking us, but I am uncertain. All I know is I am thankful for people like you that help share artists. I am thankful for all the independent artists out there making their way in this time.

Burnout can happen to the best of us. What do you do to stay motivated when it comes to making music?

Em Garcia: I am really hard on myself, and I am learning not to be. But being able to check myself and ask why I do this helps me keep going. I always tell myself I want to lay my head on my pillow at night knowing I pursued what I needed that day and worked more towards what matters to me. Sometimes this is having a day of doing nothing. It is all about listening to yourself and showing up for yourself.

Music is often a collaborative process between artists, producers, engineers, etc. How do you approach networking and building collaborative relationships?

Em Garcia: I reach out. I have learned that is all it really takes. I have been able to open for some amazing artists like Gavlyn, and been on some features with Suni Ri, Hemis, and more to come. By just reaching out and having confidence. That is all it really takes. By being ourselves what comes out of that was meant to be, and the people we connect with will be more genuine. Music is better shared.

What is your best advice for those who want to start making their own music?

Em Garcia: Do it. Don’t question it. Know it is a learning process and accept the journey. You are worthy of living your dream and a life that means something to you whatever that may be.

Do you have any upcoming events or releases you would like to discuss?

Em Garcia: Yes, I am putting out a project this month with the one and only Tiff The Gift. It will be on all platforms by the end of February. I am so thankful for this opportunity. She is an amazing artist that I have been listening to for years.

Thank you for chatting with me. Where can the readers find you and your work?

Em Garcia: My work is available on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube. You can find me on Instagram @emgarcia_music. I also recently had an article featured on Positively Positive.

Em Garcia Musician

Check Out Em Garcia!

A huge thank you to Em Garcia for chatting with me this week. Make sure to check out their work at the following locations:

Em Garcia On Spotify

Em Garcia On Apple

Em Garcia On Youtube

Em Garcia On Instagram

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