Emcee Graffiti And Ab The Audicrat Drop ‘Served Up’ (EP)

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Emcee Graffiti Ab The Audicrat Served Up EP

About ‘Served Up’

‘Served Up’ is a new EP from hip hop artists Emcee Graffiti and Ab The Audicrat. The EP Is three tracks long and was released on January 7th, 2022.

A music video for ‘Hit Play’ was released on January 6th, 2022 to accompany the album.

This is the newest release by Emcee Graffiti since his 2021 single ‘Be Better’. Ab the Audicrat recently released End Of An Era Pt. 3, completing his trilogy of instrumental albums.

I love this EP because it is fun and easily relatable (at least for me). Emcee Graffiti, Ab the Audicrat, and I grew up in the same area, and we are life-long lovers of hip hop, anime, and video games. ‘Served Up’ reminds me of summer, which is great because winter is just getting started here in Upstate, NY.

Ab The Audicrat killed it with the beats and production for this EP. This may be my favorite EP featuring his production since Timbo King and Xkwisit’s 2020 EP ‘Thoughts In Motion’.

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Listen To ‘Served Up’


  1. Formative Years (2:34)
  2. Neo-Golden Era (3:06)
  3. Hit Play (2:29)

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Music Video For ‘Hit Play’

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