Ab The Audicrat Drops End Of An Era Part 3 (Album)

Listen to Ab The Audicrat's third installment of End Of An Era.

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Ab The Audicrat End Of An Era Pt 3

About End Of An Era Part 3

Ab The Audicrat’s End of An Era Pt. 3 is a hip hop instrumental album that was released on December 3rd, 2021. The album contains fifteen tracks with a total runtime of 31 minutes and 15 seconds.

End Of An Era Pt. 3 is the third and final part of Ab The Audicrat’s End Of An Era series. This has been one of my favorite hip hop instrumental series to come out over the past few years. Ab The Audicrat is one of my all-time favorite hip hop producers.

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Listen To End Of An Era Pt. 3

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End Of An Era Pt. 3 – Tracklist

  1. Eggs Bennie (2:28)
  2. Gio (2:17)
  3. Lacy (2:13)
  4. High Crimes (2:43)
  5. Legacy (2:14)
  6. Years (1:35)
  7. Molina (2:59)
  8. Delamore (2:36)
  9. Polo (01:17)
  10. Spin Move (01:15)
  11. Voyager (02:03)
  12. Gumshoe (01:25)
  13. Motive (02:12)
  14. Secret Flame (01:54)
  15. Gold (02:05)

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Ab The Audicrat Hip Hop

About Ab The Audicrat

Brendan Paulsen, AKA Ab The Audicrat, is an upstate New York hip hop producer. He has worked with great hip hop acts such as Xkwisit, Emcee Graffiti, Shyste Chronkyte, and Giant Gorilla Dog Thing. Ab is a longtime student of hip hop and has used his knowledge to develop his own unique production style.

Ab The Audicrat’s Official Website

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