Every Bob’s Burgers Season 6 Store Next Door Gag Explained

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Bobs Burgers Season 6 Store Next Door

Bob’s Burgers Season 6 Storefront Puns Explained

The Outlet Outlet: Electrical Supplies

Episode: Season 6, Episode 1 – “Sliding Bobs”

This is a play on words for the multiple meanings of the word ‘outlet’. You have outlets in your walls that provide electricity, and outlet stores that offer clearance goods.

Resisting A Rest: Sleep Therapy

Episode: Season 6 Episode 2 – “The Land Ship”

This store’s name is a reference to the crime ‘resisting arrest’. I wonder if this sleep therapist was successful? ‘Resisting A Rest’ kind of puts the blame on the clients. I don’t see people liking that idea much.

Blood Bath And Beyond: Red Bathroom Products

Episode: Season 6, Episode 3 – “The Hauntening”

This is a great horror-themed store for the season 6 Halloween episode. It is an homage to the department store Bed, Bath, And Beyond. That said, who wants to decorate their bathroom red? Most people use chill and calming colors for their bathrooms. Red is a bit aggressive, especially with the activities that take place there.

Bobs Burgers Season 6 Store Next Door Jokes

Maxi Pads: Large Apartment Rentals

Episode: Season 6, Episode 4 – “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”

This is a play on the double meaning of the word ‘pad’. Pads can refer to the feminine hygiene product. It is also a slang term for an apartment. I think the idea of a realtor only selling large apartments is pretty cool. No studios here!

You’re Missing The Poinsettia

Episode: Season 6, Episode 5 – “Nice-Capades”

This is a reference to the common phrase ‘you’re missing the point’, used when someone doesn’t understand the meaning of something.

Bidets And Confused: Bidets For Beginners

Episode: Season 6, Episode 6 – “The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, And Her Lover”

This reference could go one of two ways. It could be a reference to the 1993 film Dazed and Confused. It could also be a reference to the 1969 Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

Happily Ever Actor: Casting Agency

Episode: Season 6, Episode 7 – “The Gene And Courtney Show”

This store’s name is a reference to the fairy tale phrase “Happily Ever After”. Do you think this is just marketing? Or does this casting agent only book actors for fairy tale and fantasy television shows and movies?

Escrow Zone! Escrow For Kids

Episode: Season 6, Episode 8 – “Sexy Dance Healing”

This is one of my favorite store next door gags. I am a grown adult and still think finance is very boring. I can’t imagine kids being interested in escrow. In general, escrow is money that is held during a contract that is not released until certain contractual conditions are met.

Little Shop Of Hulas

Episode: Season 6, Episode 9 – “Sacred Couch”

This is obviously a reference to the 1986 film Little Shop Of Horrors. The film stars Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, and Steve Martin. Little Shop Of Horrors is a horror-comedy musical about a plant shop that houses a man-eating Venus flytrap.

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Footloose: Prosthetic Adjustments

Episode: Season 6, Episode 10 – “Lice Things Are Lice”

This store is a reference to the 1984 movie Footloose. The film stars Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, Dianne Wiest, and John Lithgow. It tells the story of a town that has banned dancing, and the people trying to get the law abolished.

Granny Packs: Luggage For Seniors

Episode: Season 6, Episode 11 – “House Of 1000 Bounces”

The hilariously-named accessory ‘fanny pack’ is a small purse that is worn around the waist like a belt. This is actually brilliant marketing as I believe the elderly are the only people who use them regularly.

I Think Therefore I Jam: Profound Preserves

Episode: Season 6, Episode 12 – “Stand By Gene”

This is a deep cut. ‘I Think Therefore I Am’ is a famous quote from philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. The quote was meant to prove human existence. You must exist if you are able to think about your own existence. I don’t know what that has to do with preserves, but I have a feeling this store owner is pretty nerdy.

The Way We Grrr: Dog Trainers

Episode: Season 6, Episode 13 – “Wag The Hog”

‘The Way We Were’ was a 1973 drama movie starring Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford. Barbara Steisand also sings a song of the same name on the soundtrack. The film tells a Romeo and Juliet-esque story set just before World War II.

Regret Me Not Tattoo

Episode: Season 6, Episode 14 – “The Hormone-iums”

This is a play on the phrase ‘forget me not’. Many people end up regretting their tattoos. This tattoo parlor wants to make sure you are certain before they give you some ink.

Don’t Stop Bereaving: Grief Counseling

Episode: Season 6, Episode 15 – “Pro Tiki/Con TIki”

This is a funny homage to the Journey song ‘Don’t Stop Believin”. The issue here is that you want people to stop bereaving. You don’t want them to be sad forever…or do you?

Get Off My Back: Tramp Stamp Removal

Episode: Season 6, Episode 16 – “Bye Bye Boo Boo”

If you tell someone to ‘get off your back’, you want them to leave you alone for a while. Tramp stamps are a type of lower back tattoo that was once popular but are now seen as somewhat cringy. Many people want their tramp stamps off their back.

Nice Knockers: Elegant Door Knockers

Episode: Season 6, Episode 17 – “The Horse Rider-er”

Boob jokes! Bob’s Burgers loves to slip a couple of dirty puns into the storefronts every season.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterbeds

Episode: Season 6, Episode 18 – “Secret Admiral-irer”

In 1995, hip hop group TLC dropped one of their most famous songs, called ‘Waterfalls’. This song is track eight on the group’s second album ‘CrazySexyCool’.

100 Cent Store

Episode: Season 6, Episode 19 – “Glued, Where’s My Bob?”

100 Cent Store is a play on dollar stores, shops where everything is a dollar. This gag was placed her because it was Bob’s Burgers’ 100th episode.

What Are Your Favorite Bob’s Burgers Season 6 Store Gags?

We hope you enjoyed our list of every Bob’s Burgers season 6 store gags. Which one is your favorite? Let us know on social media!

About Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers tells the story of a family-owned burger restaurant trying to get by, usually with hilarious consequences. Bob is trying to support his family, which includes his manically-optimistic wife Linda, his socially inept teenage daughter Tina, his creative and silly son Gene, and his mischievous younger daughter Louise.

Bob’s Burgers is a comedy cartoon series that airs on Fox. It is currently in its 12th season. The animated sitcom stars H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal.

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