Our First Impressions of Ultraman Trigger: New Generations Tiga

For Ultraman's 55th anniversary, we get a brand new series with Ultraman Trigger: New Generations Tiga! How does its first episode stand?

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Ultraman Trigger

For Ultraman’s 55th anniversary, we get a brand new series with Ultraman Trigger: New Generations Tiga! How does its first episode stand?

Ultraman Trigger, the new Ultraman of 2021 has arrived. The series is a sequel to Ultraman Tiga, the series responsible for re-launching the Ultraman Franchise for a new generation. In fact, the full name of the series is Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. Will this series be able to stack up and is it important to have seen Ultraman Tiga beforehand? It’s time to dive in and find out.

The story behind Ultraman Trigger focuses on Kengo Manaka who is living and working on Mars. As he follows his mother and the owner of the company she works for into ancient ruins, Kengo finds himself reacting to the structure. As Kengo tries to understand this weird reaction, the kaiju Golba (a fusion of Ultraman Tiga kaiju Golza and Melba) appears.

In an effort to allow Kengo to discover the secret behind the hidden power he is starting to display, the owner of the company Mitsukuni Shizumi gives Kengo a weapon to return to the temple with. Venturing inside Kengo discovers the stone statue of a giant. Suddenly a mysterious being appears and starts attacking the statue, as Kengo tries to defend it a reaction occurs and grants him the power to become Ultraman Trigger.

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Ultraman Trigger
Ultraman Trigger: New Generations Tiga (2021)

As this series is a sequel to Ultraman Tiga, some may think you need to have seen the previous show to understand what is going on. So far this doesn’t seem to be the case. There are references back to characters and events in Ultraman Tiga but the basic information you need is simple to comprehend. The organized team of monster specialists, GUTS-Select is obviously a successor to GUTS the team from Ultraman Tiga. Likewise, the company financing GUTS-Select the TPU (Terrestrial Peaceable Union) is obviously the evolution of the TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium) from the previous series. 

Another similarity between Ultraman Trigger and Ultraman Tiga comes with the discovery of the Ultra character. In Ultraman Tiga, a mysterious pyramid was discovered where statues of Tiga were housed. It was later revealed that Tiga defended the earth from monsters millions of years ago.

In the episode, Trigger, like Tiga, is locked in a statue form as he slumbers in ancient rules. The major difference is the location as Tiga was located on earth and Trigger is on Mars. There is a good chance it will be revealed the civilization of Mars was destroyed by monsters Ultraman Trigger was unable to defeat.

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Ultraman Trigger New Generations
Ultraman Trigger: New Generations Tiga (2021)

It appears like Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Trigger also features Giants of Darkness as antagonists who have the ability to control monsters. The Giants of Darkness were former comrades of Tiga before he realized the error of his ways and decided to fight for justice. The Giants of Darkness in Ultraman Tiga were Camearra, Darramb, and Hudra. The first of the new Giants of Darkness to appear is Carmeara (who looks a lot like Camearra) who is freed from being a stone statue floating in space when an asteroid hits her in the face.

The second of the new Giant of Darkness, Darrgon has been previewed to appear in the second episode of Ultraman Trigger. Darrgon looks to be the more physical of the three of the new Giants of Darkness and will cause Ultraman Trigger to have to master his power-type form in hopes of defeating him. 

With these similarities, what can the watchers expect from Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga moving forward? As the series is a sequel to Ultraman Tiga, hopefully, the show will feature appearances by some of the characters who were in the previous series. Maybe some of the members of the old GUTS team or perhaps even Hiroshi Nagano will return as Daigo Madoka the human form of Ultraman Tiga. There is a great possibility of Ultraman Tiga himself appearing as well.

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Ultraman Trigger New Generations Tiga
Ultraman Trigger: New Generations Tiga (2021)

The return of the Giants of Darkness may also find a way to connect with some of the other elements in the Ultraman Franchise which have been introduced since Ultraman Tiga originally aired. Perhaps the Giants of Darkness will be shown to have a connection to Ultraman Belial, the Ultraman who fell into darkness and became the main villain of the franchise for many installments such as Ultraman Geed.

Perhaps the Giants of Darkness will somehow be connected to the organization behind The Kingdom which was introduced in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. It will be interesting to see the path they go with these characters. For now Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga is off to a great start by introducing some fun characters and some interesting mysteries. With the second episode, more of the cast will be introduced and more plot elements will be revealed.

If you have any interest in checking out this new Ultraman series, then don’t hesitate to go to the Ultraman Official YouTube channel and check it out. Also, the channel only keeps the 2 episodes of the series up at a time. It’s best to watch them out as soon as they are released to reduce the risk of missing out on a single episode of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Watch the first episode of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga on the official Ultraman Youtube channel!

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