FLOOR BABA Drops ‘No Fear Of Death’ (Music Video)

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Floor Baba No Fear Of Death

FLOOR BABA recently dropped a music video for their new single ‘No Fear Of Death’. The track and music video were released on May 13th, 2022.

I’ll admit, I am a new listener of FLOOR BABA. I have been letting Spotify play whatever music it wants for me. Apparently, Spotify thought I would be into FLOOR BABA, and they were right. I love the hyper-creative production of the music, and the video game-inspired tones are right up my alley.

I am still working my way through FLOOR BABA’s catalog. Most of my listening so far has been to 2017’s Dirt Bird. That said, FLOOR BABA has been part of my regular listening repertoire for a few months now.

I think No Fear of Death is an excellent track. It is more chill than some of FLOOR BABA’s more chaotic tracks like Wigglecore or BOMBS-BALL. At the same time, it has a nice atmosphere and build to it. I am excited to hear further releases from FLOOR BABA.

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Watch No Fear Of Death

What Do You Think Of No Fear Of Death?

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Where To Find FLOOR BABA

FLOOR BABA On Bandcamp



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