FuhNaff Tells The History Of Five Nights At Freddy’s

Reliving The Fun Of The FNAF Franchise

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FuhNaff The History Of FNAF

Why I Loved ‘The Entire History Of FNAF’

Five Nights At Freddy’s is eight years old! When you love a franchise for a long time, you can never relive the older moments of excitement. The anticipation for a new release. The teasers, trailers, and promos. The community discussions and theorizing about what is coming next. Until a new installment is coming, you can never go back to those days.

I have been a fan of Five Nights At Freddy’s for a long time. Like many ‘hardcore’ FNAF fans, I was first introduced to the series through Markiplier’s ‘let’s play’ videos of the first game. I was instantly hooked. The paranoia-inducing gameplay paired with a neverending cryptic storyline scratched my weird itch for horror-based lore.

Over the past eight years, I have had a lot of fun. I would like to add that I have barely played the games. I did put a lot of hours into Help Wanted, but otherwise, I have belonged to the theory crafting side of the fandom.

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I own most of the games, a few books, and a lot of merch. Honestly, it is the absolute least I could do. Scott Cawthon spent the better part of a decade sending me on an insane ARG-style lore hunt without charging me a single penny. I have happily spent my days analyzing teasers, brightening images, reading HTML, and anxiously awaiting any tidbit of story I could gain from this series.

Like I said before, you can never relive those days. However, Five Nights At Freddy’s YouTuber called FuhNaff has brought me close to the feeling of time travel. I have been watching John’s for what feels like forever. In the uncanny realm of parasocial social media relationships, FuhNaff has been one of my FNAF buddies. Watching John grow and develop as a creator has been extremely inspiring.

On August 9th, 2022, FuhNaff dropped a movie-length YouTube video going over the entire history of Five Nights At Freddy’s. The video was a complete history of the events in the series. The video also featured some of my other favorite FNAF YouTubers, such as Dawko, DJ Sterf, Razzbowski, 8-BitRyan, and FusionZGamer. All of these creators have entertained me, and the FNAF community, for many years. I would love to go in-depth on why I love each of these creators, but we will save that for another article.

I honestly expected this video to a bit boring. FuhNaff is a very entertaining creator, but how much more Five Nights At Freddy’s knowledge could I possibly fit in my brain?

What I was met with was an incredibly emotional experience. As John described every piece of content found in the FNAF history, I found myself reliving all of the excitement that I and the FNAF community, have felt over the years.

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‘The Entire History Of FNAF’ doesn’t just remind me of Five Nights At Freddy’s. It reminds me of my life. I remembered watching Markiplier videos with my best friend. I remembered the first time a member of Freddit complimented my writing. I remembered having an amazing night of haunted houses with my now-wife and going home to snuggle and watch Sister Location videos.

Thank you, John, for letting me fall in love with a video game franchise all over again.

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