Posers And Rich Kids: 9 Hilarious Anti-Flag Songs

Posers, Drunks, Rich Dads, And Crass For Some Reason

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Funniest Anti-Flag Songs

Humorous Anti-Flag Songs

Anti-Flag is a political punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have been around since 1988 and continue to be one of the most prolific and influential punk rock bands of all time.

While Anti-Flag’s lyrics typically discuss important political issues, there are many humorous songs to be found throughout their catalog. Today I want to go over my favorite funny Anti-Flag songs. If we missed any of your favorites, let us know on social media!

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Captain Anarchy

If there is one thing Anti-Flag likes poking fun at, it is posers. There are people out there who want to indulge in punk rock fashion and go to shows without contributing to the culture. Anti-Flag’s vitriol for these people is a common theme in their earlier works, especially when it comes to their humorous songs.

‘Captain Anarchy’ is track two on Anti-Flag’s 1999 album ‘A New Kind Of Army’. The song tells the story of a toxic person in the punk rock scene. He has perfect hair, and the best clothes, but does not actually appreciate the culture.

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This Is Not A Crass Song

Crass was a punk band from Eppig, Essex. They were influential in both the music and art aspects of early punk rock. However, they are not known for being the most technically talented punk rock group.

Anti-Flag makes note of this in their song ‘This Is Not A Crass Song’. They humorously parody Crass’ sound by playing one-chord and having a simple drum beat. They also put on their best Cockney accents for the track. ‘This Is Not A Crass Song’ is track fifteen on the band’s 1999 album ‘A New Kind Of Army’.

Your Daddy Was A Rich Man

I don’t know who’s daddy this song is referring to, but Anti-Flag really seems to hate them. ‘Your Daddy Was A Rich Man, Your Daddy’s Fucking Dead’ is track seventeen on Anti-Flag’s first album ‘Die For The Government’.

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Drink Drank Punk

While Anti-Flag is not a Straight Edge band, they do believe in moderation when using drugs and alcohol. ‘Drink Drank Punk’ is a silly song about excessive drinking that has plagued the punk rock scene for decades. It is told from the inebriated’s perspective, and how cool they think they are for getting wasted all the time.

She’s My Little Go-Go Dancer

While this track isn’t as silly as some other Anti-Flag tracks, it does have some humorous aspects. The song is about falling for a girl, only to find out she is a dancer at a club. According to the lyrics, it seems like the date went fine. I just love how this track embodies the funny feelings that come with having a crush on someone.

Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux

There are many subgenres of punk rock. There are heavier genres like hardcore. Straight Edge and Youth Crew punks promote personal ethics over political themes. In the track ‘Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux’, Anti-Flag pokes fun at the many subgenres of punk rock. However, I feel that this song is meant to be taken as tongue-in-cheek humor. As we have covered, a big theme in Anti-Flag’s music is the toxicity that is present in punk rock. I think this track is an extension of this sentiment.

Spaz’s House Destruction Party

‘Spaz’s House Destruction Party’ is a really fun song. It is about a punk kid who is getting evicted from his house. He decides to have a massive three-day-long party where people are invited to destroy everything they can. It must have been one hell of a long weekend. ‘Spaz’s House Destruction Party’ is track 10 on Anti-Flag’s 2001 album ‘Underground Network’.

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Summer Squatter Go Home

Much like ‘Captain Anarchy’, ‘Summer Squatter Go Home’ is another song about posers infiltrating the punk rock scene. The song is about rich kids who go to the city on summer break and pretend to be angry, young, and poor punk kids. ‘Summer Squatter Go Home’ is track eight on Anti-Flag’s 1996 album ‘Die For The Government’.

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Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene

‘Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene’ is a song about a snobby elitist punk rocker. Punk rock culture has no place for people like this, and Anti-Flag makes a point to tell you this. We don’t care how tall your mohawk is, or how many spikes and studs are on your jacket. ‘Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene’ is track seven on ‘Die For The Government’.

What Is Your Favorite Anti-Flag Song?

We hope you enjoyed the list of our favorite humorous Anti-Flag songs. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know on social media!

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