We Tried FYE’s Exclusive Godzilla Snacks

Do these snacks have giant-sized flavor?

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FYE Godzilla Snack Review

FYE Godzilla Snacks Review

Pop culture retail chain FYE (For Your Entertainment) has been heavily pushing its Godzilla merchandise selection these last couple of years. For those uninitiated, FYE is a chain of retail stores that heavily focuses on pop culture-related merchandise such as physical media (i.e. Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, vinyl records), t-shirts, collectibles, and snack foods. Japanese film production company Toho has committed to broadening Godzilla’s appeal to overseas audiences with several merchandising campaigns. 

FYE has already promoted the ‘Big G’ a few times over the years with exclusive merchandise such as Funko POPs, steel book Blu-Rays, t-shirts, and now sweets! In this new merchandising campaign FYE is touting three new exclusive candy bars and an exclusive energy drink based on the Godzilla pantheon. We knew we couldn’t pass up kaiju snacks so we rushed to the closest FYE to give them a try!

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FYE Godzilla Snacks

Godzilla Energy Drink

First up is a blue-raspberry flavored energy drink based on Godzilla himself. FYE has released several different kinds of energy drinks based on pop culture franchises such as Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, and Child’s Play to name a few. 

This drink seems to be your run-of-the-mill energy drink with only 100 mg of caffeine in its 12 fl oz serving (so barely above the average cup of coffee). It does give you a little pep in your step and the blue raspberry flavor is very tasty. So for an energy drink, this is pretty good, though your mileage may vary on how well you do with energy drinks in the first place.

Recommend: Yes

Godzilla Mothra Blood Orange White Confection with Popping Candy Bar

Now let’s take a look at the trio of Godzilla-themed candy bars. First is one themed around arguably the second most popular kaiju next to Godzilla; Mothra. To fit her theme, her flavor of candy is a white confectionary (basically white chocolate) dyed blood orange to fit her color scheme mixed with popping candy. 

This is by far the best candy bar of the trio with it being very sweet and tangy. It has an almost sherbert-orange flavor to it and the popping candy gives it an extra crunch. With Mothra being a benevolent kaiju goddess it’s a relief her candy bar is just as holy!

Recommend: Yes

Godzilla King Ghidorah Monster Dragon Fruit Flavored Dark Chocolate Bar

The second candy bar we tried is one themed around Godzilla’s three-headed arch-nemesis: King Ghidorah! The fitting flavor is dark chocolate with dragon fruit and if that combination sounds like it’ll clash, it’s because it does.

Dragon fruit is a very strong-flavored fruit and mixing that with dark chocolate can get pretty bitter. This gives it a kind of nasty aftertaste and as the three-headed dragon does to the cosmos it devastates your pallet.

Recommend: No

Godzilla Mechagodzilla Mecha Milk Chocolate Bar with Pretzels, Sea Salt, Chili Chipotle & Peanuts

Last we tried a hodgepodge of flavors based on the mechanical doppelganger of the King of the Monsters; Mechagodzilla! Mechagodzilla is usually described as a walking weapons arsenal with different types of dangers designed to take down Godzilla. So it kind of makes sense this chocolate bar has so many different ingredients. But is that a good thing?

Turns out yes, kinda sorta…it’s weird as hell! So the actual flavor is pretty good with the milk chocolate, sea salt, pretzel, and peanuts being the only thing you really taste. It’s a damn good combination! But this is where the chili chipotle sneaks up on you. While you don’t taste it you get the actual spice and heat very quickly and it gives you whiplash as the sweet chocolate taste blends with the spice. Every bite hits you like a giant mecha-kaiju. So it might depend on how you feel about the spice but this definitely surprised us.

Recommend: Yes

Have You Tried FYE’s Godzilla Snacks?

A lot of these movie tie-in snacks depend on their outrageous sounding flavors to sell and you know what? We’re not even mad about it. Sometimes the flavor can be less than enjoyable and others they can really surprise. Have you tried these Godzilla sweets yet? If you haven’t which would you care to try? Let us know on social media today!

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