Gabino Gryhmes Kills It With ‘Owed’ (Single)

'Owed' is a new single from hip-hop artist Gabino Grhymes. It was released on February 26th, 2021. The track is produced by Anno Domini and engineered by Matty Aston.

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Gabino Grhymes Owed Single

About ‘Owed’ By Gabino Grhymes

‘Owed’ is a new single from hip-hop artist Gabino Grhymes. It was released on February 26th, 2021. The track is produced by Anno Domini and engineered by Matty Aston.

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Gabino Grhymes Owed Lyrics


Nothin is lucky or free, I outwork ’em
No easy buckets for me, I outwork ’em
Mamba mentality creed, I outwork ’em
Leave me alone, You see me out workin’
Out workin’, Out workin’
Leave me alone, You’ll see I’ll outwork ’em
No easy buckets for me, I’ll outwork ’em
Nothin is lucky or free, I’ll outwork ’em

Verse 1

Every night I’m in the zone
Pick a pen up and I’m home
Pitch a tent I’ll camp alone
Boots clickin’
Soldiers know
So you know
I’m the truth
Pierce Paul sojourner flow
Watch me go
In my J’s z
Boy I love the dough
Mr. Rappity Rap
Has haphazardly snapped
Thank havoc for that
Juvenile hell 93’
The infamous tracks
Simone biles the style
Way I flip it relax

My cadence has a cast
Of characters it’ll last
In case you haven’t noticed
I’m brief but a lot to pack
Hope you catchin’ these nuggets
I’m runnin’
Robert Pack
I’m Rope a dopin’
No one
A haggler and hearns clash
Careful where you’re goin’
Your heart can’t handle
A crash
These paul walkers
Couldn’t drive wit me on a track
Embarking wit my fans
With a mission and a plan
Outwork everyone daily
To see the promised land

Gabino Grhymes Hip Hop Artist

Verse 2

Sonically I’m different
Admonished to be a witness
I’m not anonymous
I’m synonymous with the gifted
If Darvey Hent set the bar
Then OWED’s about to lift it.
Keep the stone Rollin
Keith Richards
With the scriptures
windows open now
Shoulda woulda coulda
Yeah I’m older now
Lookie lookie lookie here
No rookie here
Settled in
I’ve had a year
Feelin like a buccaneer
Throwin’ bullets to my peers

This ain’t a battle
This a chin check
To myself

That’s all that matters
Till the sun sets
And what else?

Let’s paint a canvas
Get your brush wet
And what else?

Keep on rapping till your blood sweats
Cause that sells

I’m of different mind
You’re about to find
I don’t care
If you’re young whoever
Or a logic mind
I’m about design
Mumbled finished rhymes
I’m a cynic slash critic
Only When it comes to mine

Verse 3

Three verse submitter
You two-hitter quitters
Couldn’t be pitted
In this stone-throw mixture
Jekyll’s only here
Hyde threw the elixir
Rollin me picture
PAC photo
Suge sicker

You fixer-upper rappers
Are the cancer that I’m after
Chemo crashin’ acid
Lake placid gator passion
Big Van Vader here sans mask askin
Who the fuck got their eggs in only one basket?

Better patch Adams
Your whole damn faction
I’m a thousand over one
That’s how I keep my fractions
I’m owed because I work
Hi unemployed rappers
Clown shoes when you move
Pennywise can’t hack it

Count the times I’ve mastered
Mixed, engineered a slapper
Baytl the movement
Thought I told you bastards
We back for the crown and the yappers
Can’t tip-toe around now I’m a motherfuckin magnet

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