22 Hilarious G.I. Joe PSA Dubs: A Look Back

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GI Joe PSA Dubs Retrospective

G.I. Joe PSA Dubs

G.I. Joe is an American cartoon that pushed giving the American armed forces an identity as they were embattled with a super terrorist group C.O.B.R.A. These PSAs are not that but are dubbed over comedy bits featuring situations that kids may face and almost psychotic adults engaging with them.

The clips are usually half a minute and hilarity starts pouring in from the first second. The children face house fires, downed electrical wires, stray dogs, and so many other problems and rarely get assistance from the G.I. Joe counterparts. Sometimes the G.I. Joe characters don’t speak English, don’t speak a language, or just speak gibberish entirely, so they are running on fumes.

These were remastered and re-uploaded so it doesn’t look like someone took footage off of a box t.v. circa the 80s when the actual show started airing. You can catch many of the non-altered full episodes on Youtube in the Hasbro Channel. For now, lets take a look at the PSAs and have a laugh instead.

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1. You’re Not My Friend

This G.I. Joe PSA features a child that gets separated from their friends at a carnival. After determining he’s lost, he runs off to find them but crashes into a G.I. Joe that goes into long spat of gibberish. The child’s friends return and the Joe sees him off with a friendly fart.

2. Pork Chop Sandwiches

This G.I. Joe PSA opens with a house fire started by the children. The G.I. Joe enters declaring “Pork Chop Sandwiches!” Then quickly urges the children to get out. Otherwise they’re all gonna die.

3. Konichiwa

This G.I. Joe PSA brings us to a near fall of one of the children being narrowly saved by A shirtless G.I. Joe (can you really be a hero while being held back by a shirt?). There is no communication in intelligible English here, but the children are thankful to be alive.

4. Last One There’s A Penis Pump

This G.I. Joe PSA opens with the children running onto a frozen-over pond and one of them crashes, HARD. The G.I. Joe arrives to tell them in an English accent they need to get their friend and leave because they’re trespassing on his property. He also makes sure to call them wankers.

5. Nice Catch, Blanco Nino

This G.I. Joe PSA has the children playing a game of American Football. One of the kids makes a catch and is congratulated by the G.I. Joe. Then immediately tackled by them.

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6. Who Wants A Body Massage

This G.I. Joe PSA has kids contemplating trying to ramp a downed power line. Fortunately, a G.I. Joe arrives to remove the live wire from the street. However, he seems hellbent on full-body massages.

7. Fire On Your Sleeve

This G.I. Joe PSA sees us out with the children camping by themselves (which might be dangerous in its own right). When trying to build the fire a little larger, one of the children catches their sleeve on fire. Never fear, the indigenous G.I. Joe arrives to put it out. He rolls him a few extra times, just to make sure. Then he is accused of possible theft.

8. House Fire

This G.I. Joe PSA sees children waking up during a house fire. The fire is hot enough to keep their bedroom door knob hot, but they’re on the first floor and that allows our firefighting G.I. Joe the ability to come in through their window. Although we can’t understand him, it appears he may have started the fire and shoots the children with some alien technology.

9. We Should Totally Hit It Again

This G.I. Joe PSA looks at young children drinking. As they go to drink more a G.I. Joe appears to lead them in reggae-sounding song. The children join in and its just drinking and vibing.

10. Bike Ride

This G.I. Joe PSA sees two children riding bikes without paying attention to traffic. The G.I. Joe, nearly hits them, crashes and declares GAME OVER.

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11. Pink Vinyl Purse

This G.I. Joe PSA sees us at a house framing site, with there being a jump challenge. Our G.I. Joe enters the scene to ask if her missing purse has been seen, she needs her nic fix. The following scene is slow, and strange, and finishes with an attempted jump scare and our Joe smiling at the kids.

12. I Just Wanna Ride My Motorcy-Cool

This G.I. Joe PSA introduces us to a child who is very clearly distracted and not understanding what an adult is telling them. Then A G.I. Joe pulls up to broadcast how much he loves riding his motorcycle. Was the previous adult a predator? Who knows, this one just wants to ride his motorcycle!

13. Hey Kid, I’m A Computer

This G.I. Joe PSA shows a child attempting to pet a stray dog. The dog doesn’t take this too well and snarls at the kid. A G.I. Joe arrives to tell the child, he’s a computer, but the kid only knows about the computer he has at home. The child is told firmly, to stop all the downloading.

14. I Guess I’ll Go Solo On The Swimmin’

This G.I. Joe PSA has children out for a regular swim when a lightning storm moves in. As they exit the pond, lightning strikes it. After a few lines of gibberish the kid then decides it’s time to say goodbye.

15. You’re The Ringleader

This G.I. Joe PSA has the children come together and declare they don’t know how to play a game they wanted to. The G.I. Joe then lets us know they’re all skipping class. He then takes the proclaimed ringleader and stuffs him into a refrigerator. Stay in school, kids.

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16. Brian, You Ain’t No Pimp Dude

This G.I. Joe PSA sees children out walking around. They have to inform Brian he is not a pimp, and he randomly finds a cat behind a log. The G.I. Joe speaks a language that is not understandable and the kids are left to enjoy their walk, we’re left to believe.

17. Bet You Won’t Touch That Button, Bitch

This G.I. Joe PSA has the children witnessing a building fire and almost pulling a fire alarm. They are greeted by voice modified G.I. Joe firefighter. He removes his helmet and is clearly spoken making sure the children know just how unpredictable life is.

18. Johnny, Do You Play Baseball?

This G.I. Joe PSA sees a couple of children out for a bike ride when they run into the navy entry of the G.I. Joe group. He inquires if one of the children is Johnny, his age, and if his mother still hangs out at dockside bars. This is a very interesting line of questioning for someone that’s clearly not trying to pass a uniform inspection.

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19. Oh You Boys Look So Lovely In Your Little Outfits

This G.I. Joe PSA shows us Mr. Lafitte talking to children at a skate park about sandwiches. He also enjoys the array of hat colors. Another exceptional interaction all while having his chest tattoo on full availability.

20. I Fucking Haxored Your Mom’s Ass Last Night

This G.I. Joe PSA has us out on a sailboat with the children, one of whom has something to say about another’s mother. It’s implied the child hits him with the sail of the boat and nearly drowns him before G.I. Joe Buzz Lightyear saves the day.

21. I Already Had Him

This G.I. Joe PSA sees us at a baseball game, where our G.I. Joe decides he wants to challenge the team catcher. After being asked why he doesn’t take on a competitor outside the game, our Joe declares, he’s already had him. They then proceed to have the most epic belch battle you’ve ever been a part of!

22. Negative News

This G.I. Joe PSA sees us at a soccer game (where the kids wore shorts with belts?) and has our Joe declaring random bits of news. There are some goals scored and some headlines reviewed. Sensational.

If there’s one thing these PSAs tell us, its that chaos rules everything. The G.I. Joe PSAs are so humorous because of the dubbed absurdism that ties in effortlessly with whatever was occurring in the show.

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GI Joe PSA Dubs

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