The Lore Of Gregory In Five Nights At Freddy’s Explained

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Gregory FNAF Lore

Gregory is the main protagonist of Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach. He is a young child with shaggy brown hair that wears shorts and a striped shirt. While Gregory is a new character in the FNAF series, there are many lore implications and theories surrounding his involvement in the overall story.

Today I want to tell you about the lore of Gregory in the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. As many fans know, the lore of Five Nights At Freddy’s is extremely cryptic and mysterious. If I missed anything or got anything wrong, let me know on social media!

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Gregory In Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

FNAF Lore Gregory

In FNAF Security Breach we play as Gregory. He is trapped inside the Pizzaplex overnight. During this time, he must evade capture by the evil Vanny as she attempts to bring William Afton back into the physical realm.

On his journey, Gregory gets help from Glamrock Freddy, an animatronic who is worried about what is happening in the Pizzaplex. Gregory must defeat the other Glamrock animatronics in order to upgrade Freddy and defeat Vanny.

Vanny eventually accomplishes her goal of bringing William Afton back to life. Gregory must evade the other animatronics and put a stop to this new William (known as Burntrap).

Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach has a multitude of endings. However, most fans believe that the Burntrap/Blob ending is the one that is meant to be canon. The evidence here is that it is the only ending that is fully animated. The rest of the endings are done in comic book style.

During this ending, Gregory and Glamrock Freddy are able to escape the PIzzaplex as it crumbles to the ground. Burntrap is also trying to escape until he is grabbed and taken away by The Blob.

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Is Gregory A Robot?

Many fans and theorists speculate that Gregory is actually a robot. While there is some evidence to this theory, the community is often torn on this take.

The big piece of evidence in this theory is the fact that Gregory seems to have no parents, and is hiding in the Pizzaplex overnight. One of the endings of Security Breach shows Gregory leaving the Pizzaplex and sleeping alone in an alleyway.

People have also brought up what is known as ‘the sticky note room’. In Security Breach, there is a room filled with sticky notes. Some of them have binary code written on them while others have rudimentary English writing. Some speculate that this room is meant to show Gregory’s progress into sentience.

The theme of the story also plays into the theory that Gregory is a robot. As a whole, Five Nights At Freddy’s is a story about a family falling apart. The main characters in this story are William Afton and his children. Thematically, Gregory seems to be the stand-in for William’s youngest son, known as The Crying Child (or more recently, Evan). While this may just be a continuation of the story’s themes, some fans take the connections literally and believe that Gregory is a new version of The Crying Child.

There is also a room in the Pizzaplex that shows security bots arranged at a table. These bots bear resemblance to William Afton’s family. It doesn’t make sense for Vanny to make this room unless her mental fusion with Glitchtrap is making her do these things. Many speculate that Gregory, as a new version of The Crying Child, made this room as a tribute to his family.

The Future Of Gregory In Five Nights At Freddy’s

If we believe that the Burntrap/Blob ending is the canon ending, then Gregory has escaped the Pizzaplex. However, the teaser image for Security Breach’s upcoming DLC, Ruin, shows Gregory on the security monitor.

It is possible that another ending, one that leaves Gregory in the Pizzaplex, is canon. At the same time, Vanny may still be alive and well and is using recordings of Gregory to lure in new children. It is also possible that Gregory returns to the Pizzaplex to stop Vanny once and for all. We will have to wait for the new DLC to find out!

Are You A Fan Of Gregory In Five Nights At Freddy’s?

We hope you enjoyed our lore breakdown of Gregory in Five Nights At Freddy’s. Let us know your thoughts on social media!

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