How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Bedroom clutter can have a negative impact on our mood, as well as the functionality of our room. Here is our strategy for getting your bedroom clutter-free!

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How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Declutter Your Bedroom

Bedroom clutter can have a negative impact on our mood, as well as the functionality of our room. This is where we sleep and get dressed. Clutter often gets in the way of these activities.

Today I want to talk about how to declutter your bedroom. Having a clutter-free bedroom can help you sleep better, which has a variety of other benefits.

Arrange Furniture In A Functional Way

There are many ways to organize the furniture in a bedroom. The placement of the beds, dressers, and tables can make or break the organizational structure of the room.

Set up your bedroom in a way that allows you to travel through the room comfortably. Do your best to maximize storage space in a way that is convenient.

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When moving furniture in your bedroom, try to keep your travel pattern in mind. You want your bedroom to be easy to walk through, while also retaining access for storage.

Only Keep Seasonal Clothing

Most of us don’t wear the same clothing year-round. As the seasons change, we often opt for either heavier or lighter clothing. Our choices in jackets and shoes also change with the weather.

You don’t need to keep off-season clothing in your bedroom. Bedrooms are typically smaller than other rooms, and closet space is often limited.

Do your best to keep seasonal clothing stored safely elsewhere. Many people use storage tubs or bins, or even vacuum bags for keeping their off-season clothing out of sight and out of mind.

Doing this will free up valuable space in your bedroom. Your closets and drawers will be less full. Finding the clothes you need will no longer be a frustrating process.

Have An Effective Laundry System

Dirty laundry is a plague in our bedrooms. Most of us don’t do laundry every day. As the days go by, the pile grows.

Obviously, the solution here is to use a hamper. Too many of us use the floor or furniture for our dirty laundry. Having a hamper will get rid of this problem. You may also want to consider storing dirty laundry in the laundry room when the pile gets too big.

However, choosing the right hamper is important. When purchasing a hamper or basket, make sure that it fits your needs. Someone who wears one outfit a day will need a smaller basket than those who have work clothes, gym clothes, and around-the-house clothes.

Clean And Organize Bedside Tables

Many of us use our bedside tables as a place to empty our pockets at the end of the day. Our bedside tables often become cluttered with coins, receipts, our wallets, and our keys.

However, this is not the primary function of a bedside table. These pieces of furniture are meant for holding our drinks, lamps, alarm clocks, and phones. Most of us have no need for spare change and receipts in the middle of the night. Return items to their proper place, and keep your bedside table clear for the items you need.

It is crucial to have a good organizational structure for your bedside table. This can be achieved through the use of drawer organizers, piggy banks, and anything that can keep the top of the table clean and clear.

Have A Great Storage Solution

Storage may be the most important part of reducing clutter. Your bedroom is no different. While you may not be able to remove objects from our bedroom, you can put the items in places that make sense.

There are many storage bins and units available to help declutter your bedroom. This includes closet organization, under the bed bins, and more. Create a space for storage that works for you!

I personally use long and short bins for storing shoes and other items under my bed and for the floor of the closet. These bins offer an easy way to access items without having them visible at all times.

Declutter Bedroom Checklist

Here is out step-by-step checklist for your bedroom!

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  • Organize your furniture in a way that works for you
  • Store off-season clothing in a separate location
  • Throw out tattered clothing
  • Donate clothing you no longer need or use
  • Clear off the tops of dressers
  • Clear off and organize bedside tables
  • Optimize under-the-bed storage
  • Organize cables for fans, lamps, and electronics
  • Get a correctly-sized hamper or basket for laundry
  • Dust, sweep, and mop

Organize Your Bedroom!

I wish you all the best of luck with organizing your bedrooms. Decluttering can be a daunting process, but it has many benefits.

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