How To Draw: 37 Drawing Tutorials and Resources

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw? Here is a listing of free drawing tutorials and resources for both traditional and digital art.

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How To Draw

How To Draw

Learning how to draw is difficult for many people. Drawing is one of the most popular and important types of visual art. We do it as children and as adults. Drawn art makes up our favorite comic books and cartoons. It can also be used for communication, such as informational and educational documents.

From stick figures to photo replication, drawing is a medium that can be as simple or as complex as it needs to be. Some have a natural inclination for drawing, while others need a lot of practice and patience. Regardless of your skill level, drawing is an activity that can be very entertaining and fulfilling.

Drawing is a skill that I have had to work very hard to obtain. I don’t think that I am naturally inclined to visual art. After many years of practice, I still have a long way to go. However, I can get some good drawings done when I need to.

To further aid us on our drawing journey, I wanted to create a list of resources and links for those who want to learn how to draw. There are a plethora of resources available on the internet. It can be difficult to know where to start. Hopefully, these free drawing tutorials will help get you on your way to making excellent artwork.

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Drawing Concepts Tutorials

Before jumping into the world of drawing, it is important to learn the fundamentals. Here are a plethora of excellent free tutorials for learning the basic concepts of drawing, and artwork in general.

20 Sketching Tips to Help You Make Your First Marks by CreativeBloq – CreativeBloq is a must-read site for any type of creative person. This sketching tips article is no exception. Sketching is the foundation of drawing, and is a skill that is needed for success.

Draw A Box – This website contains many tutorials that will show you all of the basics.

Easy Drawing Tutorials – This website has a vast selection of fictional characters and objects to be drawn. These free drawing tutorials are an awesome way to learn how to draw your favorite characters.

Essential Tools For Drawing and Painting by Artists Network – While any paper and writing utensil will do, here are some of the basic supplies used by artists.

How To Draw Faces For Beginners by Rapid Fire Art – Faces and heads are often difficult for beginners. Rapid Fire Art has a simple strategy for getting over this hurdle.

How To Shade With Pen and Ink 9 Different Ways by Alphonso Dunn – This is one of my favorite inking tutorials out there!

How To Shade For Beginners by Rapid Fire Art – This excellent drawing tutorial shows you the basics of bringing your drawings to life with shading.

How To Start Learning How To Draw (Video) by Dan Beardshaw – This video is a great way to get your footing as a new artist. Dan does a great job at getting you started.

Perspective 101 by How To Draw Journey – This free drawing tutorial by How to Draw Journey gives an excellent overview on how to use perspective in your artwork.

Photorealistic Pencil Drawing Tutorial by Carlos Aleman – Photorealistic drawing seems impossible to many new artists. Here is an excellent breakdown of the photorealistic drawing process.

Sycra (YouTube) – This is the personal favorite of Effective Nerd. Sycra is an incredibly talented artist and a great teacher as well. I can’t express how much Sycra has helped my drawing skills.

Quickposes – Getting poses and body language down is a difficulty shared by most new artists. Quickposes is a website that allows you view a large variety of reference poses.

Digital Drawing Tutorials

Digital drawing has become a popular method for creating artwork. This is especially true in the age of technology and the internet. Here are some of my favorite free digital drawing tutorials to help get you started.

A Beginner’s Guide to Become a Digital Artist by Nadiaxel (Video) – This is a great digital drawing tutorial to learn the basics of digital art.

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art by Art-Res – This is another great list of resources for those looking to get into digital drawing.

The Complete Introduction to GIMP by Chris’ Tutorials (Video) – GIMP is a free piece of art software similar to Adobe Photoshop. Here is a great overview of how the software works.

CTRL Paint’s Free Video Library – CTRL Paint is an awesome website dedicated to helping those wanting to learn digital art. They have many great free video tutorials to help you on your digital drawing journey.

Faeb’s Digital Painting Tutorial (Video) – Faebelina gives artists of all skill levels a crash course in digital painting and artwork.

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Specific Free Drawing Tutorials

Here is a selection of free drawing tutorials for specific objects and characters. There are tutorials for almost anything imaginable. I wanted to give you a listing of my favorites that I also think would be helpful for both new and advanced artists. These links will show you how to draw step by step. I think these are great resources for how to draw for beginners.

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Baby Fox by Envatotuts

Brachiosaurus by ACP Studios

Car by Dueys Drawings

Demon by ACP Studios

Dirt Bikes by ACP Studios

Dragon Knight by ACP Studios

Dragon’s Head by Mark Crilley

Hummingbird by ACP Studios

Perched Bird by ACP Studios

Pistol by ACP Studios

Pony by Envatotuts

Rose by Dueys Drawings

Skull by ACP Studios

Snowflake by Envatotuts

Tiger by Mark Crilley

How To Draw A Tiger by Mark Crilley

Triceratops by ACP Studios

Unicorn by ACP Studios

Velociraptors by ACP Studios

Zombies by ACP Studios

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