How To Draw A Nose – 7 Resources

Drawing facial features is difficult for many artists, especially new artists. Today I want to discuss some tips and resources for how to draw a nose.

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How To Draw A Nose

How To Draw A Nose

Drawing facial features is difficult for many artists, especially new artists. Today I want to discuss some tips and resources for how to draw a nose.

There are many different styles of art. Each one has their own way of drawing faces. Some utilize simple shapes. I am sure we have all drawn the “upside-down number seven” nose. Other styles draw realistic versions of facial features.

The basic shape of the nose is simple. You have the bridge of the nose, the nostrils, and the tip of the nose. Most noses follow a shape that is roughly triangular (at least from the side view). From that basic shape, we can add the different parts of the nose.

Learn How To Draw A Nose

Here is a selection of my favorite nose drawing tutorials from across the internet. Next to each link, I have listed the drawing style of the lesson.

How To Draw A Nose From The Front by Rapid Fire Art (Realistic) – This is an excellent tutorial for drawing the nose from the front. While the forward angles are typically easier to draw, many students struggle with drawing noses head-on. Rapid Fire Art goes through the process step by step. The end result is a great-looking realistic nose drawing.

How To Pencil Draw A Nose by The Virtual Instructor (Realistic) – I love this tutorial because it really goes in-depth on the topic. This lesson will teach you how to study noses, and understand the different shapes behind this body part.

How To Draw A Nose by Yedraw (Realistic) – This is a cool lesson because it takes a different approach from the previously listed tutorials. Instead of focusing on the bridge and ball of the nose to start, this lesson starts with cross guidelines and focuses on setting up the curvature of the bridge and nostrils. This lesson is great for breaking the drawing down into simple steps.

How To Draw Different Types of Noses by Pencil Kings (Comic/Cartoon) – Now that we understand the anatomy of the nose, we can begin to learn about different variations in shape and size. Pencil Kings gives an excellent breakdown of different types of noses.

Cartoon Nose Reference Pages by Drawing How To Draw (Cartoon) – When it comes to cartoon noses, your imagination is the only limitation. The great thing about cartoons is that facial features can be exaggerated. This website contains multiple reference pages that contain a variety of different cartoon nose types.

Cartoon Nose Formulas by The Drawing Site (Cartoon) – This website gives an awesome breakdown of how to draw cartoon noses. Much like the realistic nose tutorials, The Drawing Site goes into the anatomy and structure of noses. This is a must-read for any cartoonist looking to step up their game.

Drawing the Nose by Artists Network (Realistic/Comic) – I am a huge fan of Artists Network, and this tutorial is no exception. This article breaks down the drawing process into three basic steps. It really helps you think about how to construct a nose.

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How Do You Draw A Nose?

I hope you enjoyed this listing of drawing resources! I struggle with drawing faces and heads. As I did my own research on the topic, I figured I would share what I found with you as well!

What is your preferred style for drawing a nose? Do you have any additional tips or resources that would be helpful to artists? Let me know on social media!

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