Learn How To Draw Pikachu: 8 Resources And Tutorials

Pokemon fan art is really popular (I have even done some myself), but many artists don't know where to start. When it comes to drawing Pikachu, I got you covered!

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How To Draw Pikachu

How To Draw Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most famous characters from the Pokemon series. Though Pikachu was not one of the starter Pokemon in the original Red and Blue games, the character gained popularity through the television series. Who doesn’t love this little electric mouse?

Though I haven’t kept up with the Pokemon series over the past few years, Pikachu is still one of my favorite Pokemon. I loved the designs in the original games, where Pikachu is rounder and chubbier. I thought it was so cute! To this day, Pikachu is still my go-to character in Super Smash Brothers.

Today I wanted to give you a list of resources where you can learn how to draw Pikachu. Pokemon fan art is really popular (I have even done some myself), but many artists don’t know where to start when it comes to creating great drawings. When it comes to drawing Pikachu, I got you covered! Enjoy!

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How To Draw Pikachu (With Color) – Art For Kids Hub

This is an excellent family-friendly YouTube video about learning how to draw Pikachu. I love this video because they explain every line and shape of the drawing. It makes learning how to draw Pikachu easy.

How To Draw Pikachu | Pokemon – Draw So Cute

I love Draw So Cute’s videos because they are both informative and fun. I love the production and editing of their videos. Pikachu’s pose in this video is great as well. Everyone loves a cute and happy Pikachu.

How To Draw Pikachu – Cartooning Club

This is one of the best breakdowns when it comes to drawing Pikachu. I love the pose that the creator chose for this video. They explain everything clearly and make it very easy for artists of any skill level to draw Pikachu.

More Resources For Learning How To Draw Pikachu

How To Draw Pikachu by Easy Drawing Tutorials – Here is a great drawing tutorial for Pikachu! I really like how this tutorial focuses on the shape of Pikachu. It starts off with a basic rectangle, and slowly forms it into the shape of Pikachu!

How To Draw Pikachu Step by Step by We Draw Animals – This is an awesome step-by-step lesson on how to draw a basic Pikachu. This tutorial gives a good foundation for drawing the character.

How To Draw Pikachu For Kids by Hello Kids – I loved this tutorial because it has Pikachu in a different pose than the traditional pose. There really are endless possibilities when it comes to making your own Pikachu art.

How To Draw Pikachu’s Face by Sketch OK – Here is an awesome tutorial for the layout and structure of Pikachu’s head and face. Character’s heads and faces are often the focal points of the art piece. This tutorial will help you get there!

Easy How To Draw Pikachu by Easy Drawing Guides – This is a cool video drawing tutorial for artists and creators of all skill levels. It breaks the process down into easy steps.

Do You Like Drawing Pikachu?

I hope you enjoyed these art resources. You should now be on your way to making your own Pikachu art! On cool thing about Pikachu is that there are so many different variations of design between cartoons, movies, and video games. PIkachu is a character that you can really make your own within your art.

Are there any great Pikachu drawing tutorials that I missed? Let me know on social media!

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