How To Dye A Chocobo In FFXIV

Having trouble changing your Chocobo's color in FFXIV? Here is everything you need to know about how to dye Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How To Dye Chocobo In FFXIV

Changing Your Chocobo’s Color

Chocobo have been an integral part of the Final Fantasy series since it’s inception. These ostrich-like birds have carried our characters across all of our adventures over the past 20+ years. In Final Fantasy XIV, players have the option to change the color of their Chocobo. While the process is simple, it may not be readily apparent for both new and seasoned players.

Here is everything you need to know about changing your Chocobo’s color in FFXIV. What color did you pick? Let us know on social media!

What You Need To Dye Your Chocobo

A Company Chocobo – This is the first Chocobo mount you get in the game after progressing to a certain point.

Access To A Chocobo Stable – Many companies in Final Fantasy XIV will give access to a Chocobo stable.

How To Change Your Chocobo Color In FFXIV

1. Pick Your Color Of Choice

Changing a Chocobo’s color in FFXIV requires feeding them a combination of different snacks in a specific order. There are a variety of Chocobo color calculators online to help you figure this out.

For example, if you want your Chocobo to be Colibri Pink you will need:

  • 10 Doman Plum
  • 12 Valfruit
  • 2 O’Ghomoro Berries

However, the snacks must be fed in a specific order. For example, the feeding order for the above-mentioned Colibri Pink is:

  • O’Ghomoro Berries
  • O’Ghomoro Berries
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Doman Plum
  • Valfruit
  • Valfruit
  • Valfruit

2. Gather Snacks

After figuring out what Chocobo color you would like, the next step is to gather all of the necessary snacks for that color combination. You can farm the snacks yourself, or buy them from the game’s market board.

3. Stable And Tend To Your Chocobo

After picking your color and gathering the snacks, the next step is to put your Company Chocobo into the Chocobo Stable. After the Chocobo is in the stable, select the stable again and choose “Tend To My Chocobo”. After that, select “Feed”.

4. Feed Your Chocobo

As stated previously, the Chocobo’s color is determined by feeding them a combination of snacks in a certain order. Refer to your Chocobo color calculator for the order of snacks to achieve the color of your choice.

5. Wait!

After feeding the snacks to your Chocobo, it takes six hours (real-time, not game time) for the Chocobo’s feathers to turn into your color of choice.

Note: The Chocobo’s color will not change if it is taken out of the stable before the six hours is up. It is recommended that you start the color-changing process before you stop playing for the day. This will make sure that enough time passes for the color change to occur.

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Possible Color Combinations

There are a ton of colors to choose from when looking to dye a Chocobo. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the colors available. Please note, the default color for your Chocobo is Desert Yellow.

White-Based Colors:

  • Snow White
  • Ash Grey
  • Goobbue Grey
  • Slate Grey
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Soot Black

Red-Based Colors:

  • Rose Pink
  • Lilac Purple
  • Rolanberry Red
  • Dalamud Red
  • Rust Red
  • Wine Red
  • Coral Pink
  • Blood Red
  • Salmon Pink

Brown-Based Colors:

  • Sunset Orange
  • Mesa Red
  • Bark Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Russet Brown
  • Kobold Brown
  • Cork Brown
  • Qiqirn Brown
  • Opo-opo Brown
  • Aldgoat Brown
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Acorn Brown
  • Orchard Brown
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Gobbiebag Brown
  • Shale Brown
  • Mole Brown
  • Loam Brown

Yellow-Based Colors:

  • Bone White
  • Ul Brown
  • Desert Yellow
  • Honey Yellow
  • Millioncorn Yellow
  • Coeurl Yellow
  • Cream Yellow
  • Halatali Yellow
  • Raisin Brown

Green-Based Colors:

  • Mud Green
  • Sylph Green
  • Lime Green
  • Moss Green
  • Meadow Green
  • Olive Green
  • Marsh Green
  • Apple Green
  • Cactuar Green
  • Hunter Green
  • Ochu Green
  • Adamantoise Green
  • Nophica Green
  • Deepwood Green
  • Celeste Green
  • Turquoise Green
  • Morbol Green

Blue-Based Colors:

  • Ice Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Seafog Blue
  • Peacock Blue
  • Rhotano Blue
  • Corpse Blue
  • Ceruleum Blue
  • Woad Blue
  • Ink Blue
  • Raptor Blue
  • Othard Blue
  • Storm Blue
  • Void Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Shadow Blue
  • Abyssal Blue

Purple-Based Colors:

  • Lavender Purple
  • Gloom Purple
  • Currant Purple
  • Iris Purple
  • Grape Purple
  • Lotus Pink
  • Colibri Pink
  • Plum Purple
  • Regal Purple

Recipes for these colors can be found on the FFXIV Chocobo Colour Calculator.

What Color Did You Make Your Chocobo?

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to change your Chocobo’s color in FFXIV. What color did you end up choosing? Let us know on social media!

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