How To Make Money With D&D (Dungeons And Dragons)

Are you a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and want to make a few extra bucks? Here are our best strategies for making money with D&D.

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Make Money With Dungeons And Dragons

Making Money With D&D

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D, or DnD for short), is a beloved tabletop fantasy role-playing game. It has taken many versions over the years and has even spun off into video games, television, and movies.

The basic game concept is simple. One player takes on the role of a Dungeon Master (DM). The rest of the players play as characters that embark on an adventure. The players take turns making moves and decisions while the Dungeon Master guides them through their journey.

While this may sound basic at first, learning Dungeons and Dragons can be daunting. This is especially true for players who are not used to tabletop or pen-and-paper-style games. Since most of the game takes place in the collective imaginations of those involved, the players cannot rely on the graphical and interface crutches of modern video games.

Where there is a need, there is a potential to make money. Today I wanted to talk about different ways experienced Dungeons and Dragons players can make money from their fantasy role-playing skills.

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Can You Make Money With D&D?

The short answer to this question is: Yes! There are many creators out there that make money through their knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons. This includes selling services, products, and leveraging information.

From an internet marketing perspective, role-playing and fantasy games are niches just like every other topic. Every niche and every audience has its own sets of wants and needs. Creators and entrepreneurs come up with ideas to solve the problems of their audience. Dungeons and Dragons is no different.

While the amount of money will vary based on your monetization methods, it is possible to make money by building an audience around Dungeons and Dragons.

Audience Segments

Before selling products and services, it is best to first learn about your audience (or potential audience). Every audience can be broken down into segments based on multiple factors. This includes expertise, problems, finances, and interests.

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, there are a few audience segments that readily come to mind:

New Dungeons And Dragons Players

These are people who are just getting into Dungeons and Dragons. As stated previously, Dungeons and Dragons can be overwhelming at first. New players are most likely going to be looking for people to teach them how to play, or for information that will allow them to teach themselves.

Experienced Dungeons And Dragons Players

People who already know a lot about Dungeons and Dragons may not be looking for basic entry-level information. Instead, they may be looking for ways to expand their gameplay, or for accessories to enhance their gameplay. Experience players will most likely be looking for physical products to supplement their games, or for Dungeons and Dragons-based entertainment.

Other D&D Content Creators

There is no shortage of D&D content on the internet, and content creators have their own unique set of needs. This could include looking for advertising opportunities, collaboration opportunities, better equipment, or even hiring other creators for help.

Friends of D&D Players

While learning Dungeons and Dragons can be daunting for those interested, imagine how frustrating it can be for people who have no interest in the game at all. Friends and family of D&D fanatics will often have a hard time buying holiday gifts for the nerds and geeks in their life. While they don’t belong to the overall Dungeons and Dragons community, they also have needs that fit into this niche.

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How To Make Money With Dungeons And Dragons

7 Ways To Make Money With D&D

Now that we have looked at the different needs of the Dungeons and Dragons community, it is time to start brainstorming some monetization and content creation methods. As you build your audience/client base, you can use these methods to make money with your Dungeons and Dragons content.

1. Offer Training Services

There are many new players that struggle with learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons. There is quite a learning curve and knowledge gap that comes into play when you start your first D&D campaign.

By offering training services, you can lend your expertise to those less experienced. This can be as simple as using Skype or Zoom to do a one-on-one training. You could also look into hosting a D&D training course at your local gaming specialty store.

2. Offer DM Services

While many players love to be the Dungeon Master, many players just like playing the game. It can be difficult to round up enough people to play D&D, especially when a lot of your friends don’t know how to play well.

By offering DM services, you can fill that role in other groups. Your expertise on the topic will allow you to make sure the game runs smoothly. You can offer an entertaining experience for your customers that they would not have had otherwise.

3. Start A Blog

There is a lot of information that goes along with Dungeons and Dragons. When people want information on a specific topic, they turn to the internet.

By starting a blog, you can write articles where you give opinions and guidance to the Dungeons and Dragons community. As the traffic on your blog/website grows, you can monetize through the use of ads, affiliate links, products, and services.

All you need is a domain name and a hosting provider to get started. Effective Nerd uses Bluehost for all of our hosting needs. For more information on how to start a blog, check out our tutorial on the topic.

4. Start A YouTube Channel

Much like running a blog, starting a YouTube channel can help you grow your Dungeons and Dragons-based audience. The difference here is that YouTube is primarily video instead of text. This will also allow give you the ability to record and stream your own Dungeons and Dragons games, as well as give information about the game as a whole.

YouTube Channels can be monetized through the use of ads. Ads are typically placed automatically by YouTube. However, you can also add your own affiliate/sponsored ads to your videos and video descriptions.

5. Start A Podcast

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that primarily takes place in your imagination. Podcasts are an art form that also takes place in your imagination. Together, these two can make powerful content. There are many D&D-based podcasts out there that have found ways to make money with their content.

After your podcast starts building an audience, you can add advertisements into your episodes to bring in some revenue. You can also use the podcast platform to sell services, such as training and DM-for-hire.

6. Stream on Twitch

Much like YouTube, Twitch offers a platform for Dungeons and Dragons players to record their gameplay for an audience.

Twitch offers two levels of monetization, affiliate, and partner. You unlock these contract agreements by hitting different popularity and engagement thresholds. Each level offers different methods of monetization.

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7. Make D&D Related Crafts And Accessories

If you are a Dungeons and Dragons fan as well as an artist or artisan, you can make some money by creating your own D&D-related products. This can be as simple as wizard wands for accent pieces and role-playing. You can also make items that enhance the game itself, such as dice, dice storage containers, or HP/spell-tracking devices.

There are many platforms where you can sell your own crafts, such as Etsy and eBay. You can also search for people to buy your products locally, such as at conventions and flea markets.

Which Strategy Is Best For Making Money With D&D?

The best strategy for making money with D&D will vary from person to person. Everyone has different skills, interests, and lifestyles. What monetization methods work best for one person may not work for another.

Before committing to a specific style of content and monetization, take a look at your own wants and needs. Burnout is very real for people who make online content or run online businesses. Picking a strategy that does not work for you will ensure that you get stressed and burnt out quickly.

At the same time, feel free to try new things and experiment. You never know what you may like in the future, or what works best for your brand.

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Are You Passionate About D&D?

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to make money with D&D. Are there any ways to make money with Dungeons and Dragons that we missed? Let us know on social media!

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