How To Make Your Own V For Vendetta Costume Or Cosplay: Bringing The Fight To The Unjust

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How To Make A V For Vendetta Costume

How To Make Your Own V For Vendetta Costume

V from V for Vendetta has a very dark but standout look. From the Spanish hat, bangs with a bob cut, Guy Fawkes mask, the cloak, and assortment of throwing knives, V doesn’t look like justice. However polarizing the look of his costume may be, it’s the principles and politics that are the real merits for which he should be judged.

V for Vendetta is a 2005 Action Drama film starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. V is an enigmatic anti-government anti-hero that takes Evey under his wing to protect her from it and to help her grow strong against it. The 2005 film is based on the classic Alan Moore graphic novel.

Today I’ll make sure you have justice on your side in your own V for Vendetta costume. Halloween may be in October, but the 5th of November is just around the corner.

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V’s Guy Fawkes Mask

Our Pick: V for Vendetta Quality Mask (Amazon)

The look adopted by Anonymous which is synonymous with ousting government hypocrisy and general dissidence towards a nation/world’s people is pale, rosy, and with pointed facial hair features. For our costume, we are sticking strictly to the set look from the movie, but there are mask variations that are incredible if you want to go a less traveled route.

The option we found balances cost and quality. The mask has an adjustable strap so that it can stay snug to your face as well as cushions so you’re not getting scraped by the resin.

V’s Hat

V For Vendetta Costume - Hat

Our Pick: Forum Novelties Men’s Costume Spanish Hat

Not to be outdone in style by a mask, V also enjoys wearing a Spanish-style, flat-brimmed hat. Perhaps this is where he hides his running knowledge of things going amok in the UK? At any rate, the option we have looks nearly identical and will cover up the next piece of your V for Vendetta costume splendidly.

V’s Wig

V For Vendetta Costume - Wig

Our Pick: Entranced Styles Black Bob Wig with Bangs (Amazon)

If you want some deeper immersion into V, you will want the iconic albeit odd hair choice. He is right up there with the menace known as Anton Chigur. Bangs with a bob are not associated with ANY other male “hero/antihero” I’m aware of, but please don’t flood me with mentions of them as I’m sure they exist. This option is true to form and tries to respect spending.

V’s Shirt

V For Vendetta Costume - Shirt

Our Pick: Amazon Essentials Men’s Full-Zip Fleece (Amazon)

Underneath that flowing cloak of V, there is a full zip shirt, to impart some warmth from the elements and ease of disrobing when done fighting corruption. One that will get you this look, keep you warm, and not break the bank is available via Amazon with their Amazon Essentials. It is a fleece, full front-zip, non-hooded sweatshirt that goes to the waist.

V’s Cloak

V For Vendetta Costume - Cloak

Our Pick: American Trends Unisex Hooded Robe Cloak (Amazon)

To be hidden from the senses, one must ensure they are truly shrouded in as many ways as possible. There is arguably no better way to blend into the dark unseen, than with a black cloak and justice on your side. Draped in darkness, you’ll be ever ready to help those remember, remember the 5th of November.

V’s Pants

V For Vendetta Costume - Pants

Our Pick: Coser Park Mens Banded Pants (Amazon)

Although the pants are not a key feature, a V without pants is a bit more shocking than an actual full moon. He wears loose-fitting black pants so I’ve located thicker pants that tapers to the ankle, making them easier to tuck into boots.

V’s Belt

V For Vendetta Costume - Belt

Our Pick: Wilson Men Standard 1.5″ Belt (Amazon)

This isn’t an identical look for the caped crusader but, it will get the job done and make sure you’re not dropping daggers or your pants! This thin black belt would look great lined with dagger sheaths.

V’s Daggers

V For Vendetta Costume - Daggers

Our Pick: 13.5″ King Arthur Medieval Historical Dagger (Amazon)

For a compelling look without breaking the budget much further, you’ll want to make sure your costume has a great knife or knives. I believe that these will give you a far better look more in line with V from the movie.

V’s Boots

V For Vendetta Costume - Boots

Our Pick: ACE SHOCK Men’s Cosplay Boots (Amazon)

The boots are also black and not too flashy. However if you’re going to be fighting the misdoings of your government or be the life of a party I suggest spending a little more in this department, namely for comfort. The boots I’ve located are artificial leather, knee-high, and are under $50.00 before taxes. A savior might find it hard to bare their teeth with bare feet, so this is a welcome fix.

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Are You Going To Make Your Own V For Vendetta Costume?

Thank you for checking out how to make your own V For Vendetta costume! Do you see something that we missed or want to show us your best V from Vendetta look? Find us on social media!

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