How To Sell Your Artwork Locally

Check out our advice on how to sell your artwork locally!

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How To Sell Your Artwork Locally

Sell Your Artwork Locally

The internet is a vast and saturated place. There is an endless amount of artists trying to sell their work. While this is true, many artists still attempt to sell their artwork locally and within their communities.

Marketing your art locally is a bit different than marketing yourself on the internet, or through social media.

Today, I want to discuss a few ways artists can sell their art to those who live near them. On our quest to be full-time artists, local marketing is a good idea.

Get Some Business Cards

With the internet being such an important tool in our lives, a lot of paper-based marketing methods have gone by the wayside. Much of this is due to the lack of face-to-face interactions.

However, local marketing relies a lot on these person-to-person interactions.

Having business cards handy can make a difference when starting to sell art locally. Instead of asking people you meet to follow you on social media, or visit your website, you can place something physical in their hands.

Research Local Galleries

Many areas have local art galleries and exhibits. A lot of these places have ways to contribute, volunteer, or help out. Building these relationships can be very important when it comes to finding potential buyers for your art.

Though the gallery may not want to display your work initially, many art connoisseurs have relationships with other local artists and businesses. Getting to know your local art galleries can lead to bigger opportunities in the future.

Not every gallery deals in just fine art. There are many organizations that support artists of all styles and experience.

Attend Local Events

There are many local art events in our areas every year. This includes art exhibitions, open mic nights, and comic book conventions.

While these events may not align with your art directly, they do offer plenty of opportunities for networking and making connections. For example, local comic book conventions often feature local artists that do not make comic books.

Attending local events will help you build rapport with your peers and art buyers in your locality.

Get To Know Other Artists

Get to know your peers! There are many artists in your area who are going through the same struggle. They are trying to make some extra money through commissioned works and selling prints.

I think it important for emerging artists to stick together. Word of mouth is an important tool. As you build relationships with other artists, they will often introduce you to people with similar styles. This opens the door for collaboration opportunities and further networking.

There are many ways to find other artists in your area, such as:

  • looking at local hashtags
  • reading the local newspapers/websites
  • community message boards, such as the subreddit for your city

Pitch Your Work To Local Newspapers and Magazines

Putting yourself out there is sometimes the best strategy. Many local newspapers and magazines have sections for local artwork and artists.

Most of these organizations have a process for submitting your original artwork, or telling them about the work you do. I wouldn’t just shout them out on social media. Check their websites for contact information and submission guidelines.

Networking with your local press, papers, and bloggers can lead to interviews and spotlights on your work. This exposure often increases your local rapport and opportunities.

Focus on Local SEO

When it comes to running an art website or online store, it may be beneficial to focus on local keywords. This can help your work be seen by people in your area, instead of people all over the world.

For example, the keyword “comic book artists” is going to compete with comic book artists all over the world. However, “comic book artists in Denver” will attract people specifically from the Colorado area.

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One strategy for this includes reviewing local art galleries and events in your area. You can build a blog section on your website that discusses artists, places, and gatherings around you. People go to your site to read the articles, and are introduced to you and your work.

Not only can this help you sell art online, it can also help you find buyers in your community.

Put Yourself Out There!

Selling your art locally can seem like a daunting process. However, it is possible with the right strategy.

Learn as much as you can about your local art scene (artists, galleries, news, etc.) and start building relationships. Even if it doesn’t lead to sales right away, you still will make friends on your artistic journey. At the end of the day, it is all about fun and fulfillment.

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