21 Hilarious Jane Lane Quotes From Daria

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Jane Lane Quotes Daria

About Jane Lane From Daria

Some of us have the pleasure of being a Jane to a Daria, trying to help a person lessen their grip on the reigns of reality by focusing less on the negative. For that, we thank you. In Daria, although Jane Lane may not be the epicenter of the show, she certainly shines a light that Daria sometimes stows away. That said, there’s not a substantial difference in how the characters deliver their thoughts. However, Jane tends to trend a little more positive and humorous than her BFF Daria.

Daria was created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis, and stars Tracy Grandstaff (Daria), Wendy Hoopes (Jane), and Julian Rebolledo (Jake Morgendorffer). Daria depicts the lives of high schoolers coming into their elements with Daria representing a very nihilistic and sometimes careless disconnection from everything important. Sometimes, she tries to help others see what needs to be viewed as important.

Jane cannot be denied as a great friend as she tries to lift Daria up even when (spoiler) Daria pursues Jane’s boyfriend/ex. Here are our favorite Jane Lane quotes from MTV’s Daria. Let us know your favorite quote on social media.

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Jane Lane Quotes From Daria

Coach: Jane Lane, you’re just like your sisters, aren’t you?
Jane: We share certain chromosome pairs Beyond that, I’m not supposed to say.

Daria: Well, you know what I always say.
Jane: Life sucks and then you die?

“I actually accomplished something, I mean, other than getting up.” – Jane Lane

“How about we call it ‘Beauty Is Only Skin Deep’ and we attach the skin of an actual student?” – Jane Lane

“I figure if the people suck I can always wear headphones.” – Jane Lane

Jane: Misery loves company.
Daria: You don’t have to tell me that. It’s the basis of our whole friendship.

“You’re a teenage girl, not Nelson Mandela.” – Jane Lane

“If you need illustrations for your essay, I’m pretty good at painting mushroom clouds.” – Jane Lane

“You’re coming off all observant and honest, you know, anti-social.” – Jane Lane

“I’m succeeding at failing.” – Jane Lane

“I want to be a starving artist, so I need to ring up more debt.” – Jane Lane

“We could meet on the weekends to eat pizza and complain.” – Jane Lane

“The mall is a dangerous influence on today’s teen and the fluorescent lights give you seizures.” – Jane Lane

Daria: I almost killed a dog yesterday.
Jane: Gonna work your way up to humans slowly?

Daria: Is there any time when how you look doesn’t affect how you’re judged?
Jane: When you donate an organ, unless it’s your eyes.

Jane: Use your womanly attributes.
Daria: Gotcha. I’ll give birth.

Brittany: She hasn’t told you anything interesting about me, has she?
Jane: No one’s ever told me anything interesting about you.

Jane: Not so fast, how do I know this is a sincere apology and not aa cheap ploy to get back on my good side?
Daria: Why does there have to be a difference?
Jane: I accept.

Daria: Is Trent up yet?
Jane: I heard something stirring in his room. I’m hoping it wasn’t a family of raccoons.

Daria: A bridal expo? That’s a good message to send to high school students.
Jodie: It’s a fundraiser for extracurricular activities.
Jane: I wonder why kind of extracurricular activities would lead to a wedding.

Daria: Maybe E.T. came in my room and touched my navel while I slept.
Jane: Boy, Daria, you have the weirdest sex dreams.

What Are Your Favorite Jane Lane Quotes From Daria?

We hope you enjoyed the list of our favorite Jane quotes from Daria. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know on social media!

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