JB!! aka Dirty Moses Talks Hip Hop and Rapping

This week I got to chat with one of my favorite artists: JB!! aka Dirty Moses. His new track, '518 Vs. Everybody' drops soon!

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JB AKA Dirty Moses Interview

An Interview With JB!! AKA DIRTY MOSES

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this week! Please tell the readers about yourself and the work you do.

JB!!: You’re welcome brother. Thank you! I am Hip Hop man. From the beginning. Rapper. DJ. Producer and beatmaker. Frontman in the band Victory Soul Orchestra. Nurse. Foodie. Renaissance man. I love connecting with people and making great memories.

I have been a fan of your music for over a decade now. Your new track, ‘518 Vs. Everybody’ offers an amazing lineup of hip-hop artists. How did this track come about?

JB!!: These are all people I have wanted to do a track with. I had been toying with this idea since last year in January before I went on tour. I made the beat and immediately thought of the people I wanted on the track. Emcee Graffiti and I were supposed to have been done music together on my projects. It finally came to fruition. Knowl’ge from the group Und3rstanding I had always been a fan of. Same with Bags and my brother Mike Arson. It was only right.

Making Music Takes A Lot Of Time And Energy, What Do You Do To Stay Productive?

JB!!: I set weekly goals and try to work towards them. Hitting the mark or reaching your goal every time can be difficult. Knowing there’s a surprise at the end of that rainbow keeps me going.

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Hip hop music is often a collaboration between rappers, producers, promoters, photographers, and videographers. How do you approach the collaborative process when it comes to your art?

JB!!: Building great friendships and business relationships makes a huge difference. I don’t like begging for anything. I ask. Extend an olive branch. Move forward from there. This is why it’s imperative to build relationships. No one can do EVERYTHING by themselves. And sometimes you have to humble yourself and set your ego aside to get the project done.

Stress And Burnout Happen To The Best Of Us. What Strategies Do You Employ To Stay Motivated?

JB!!: I take breaks from the music. To recharge. I travel. Bike. Read and watch new shows to spark creativity. Then, once I have that energy, I jump right back in to it before I lose it. Sometime the spark comes at the most unsuspecting moments. Being a creative, your mind never really takes a break. Even when you want and need to. Motivation is there always because I want to be better than my last project.

Branding And Online Presence Are Important When Establishing Yourself And Your Work On The Internet. Can You Share Any Of Your Thoughts On Being An Online Creator?

JB!!: Constantly create. Even if you don’t post online. Have material in the stash so you can post, post, post when the time is right. I also don’t want to oversaturate so a little bit of disappearing and mystery works to keep people interested. They say you’re only as good as, or only relevant during, your last project.

Outside of making music, what do you do for fun?

JB!!: I work in healthcare. That keeps my mind sharp and I am always learning something new. I love to read comic books. Yes I am an Effective Nerd. Pun intended. Sci-fi. Travel. Writing etc. I love to cook and create those “OMG, this tastes so good” moments. Haha. Hitting up New Orleans this coming weekend.

What advice can you give to people who want to start making their own hip-hop music?

JB!!: Don’t let anything stop you from being who you are and being creative. Create timeless music that you can listen to years from now and still be proud of it. Learn as much of the business as you can. Learn to monetize your creativity. Not because OF the art, but FOR the art. The most important asset we have is time. You want to be compensated for the time it took/takes to be creative. That puts value on your art.

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Do you have any upcoming gigs/events/releases you want to promote?

JB!!: Ultraterrestrial dropping in Sept/Oct. The next gig with the band is at The Linda in Albany NY coming soon.

Thank you for chatting with me this week! Where can the readers find you and your work?

JB!!: You’re welcome bro. Hit up the official website. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Thank you again for showing interest in my art. Peace!

JB AKA Dirty Moses Interview

Check Out JB!! AKA Dirty Moses

A huge thank you to JB!! for taking the time to chat with me this week. Make sure to check out JB!! at the following locations:

JB!!’s Official Website

JB!! On Instagram

JB!! On Twitter

JB!! On Facebook

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