Jimmy Eat World Drops ‘Place Your Debts’ (Music Video)

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Jimmy Eat World Place Your Debts Video

About Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Place Your Debts’

Mesa, Arizona natives Jimmy Eat World just dropped a music video to highlight their latest single “Place Your Debts”. The video was released on October 18, 2022.

Place Your Debts is a single release from Jimmy Eat World that started as a collaborative effort featuring Denver Dalley and Clark Baechle. They okayed Jim Adkins to take his efforts with the song to Jimmy Eat World and create their own little entry with it. The video was shot and directed by Jim Adkins.

The band made their larger splash on the airwaves with their single “The Middle” many moons ago, giving us an upbeat song about another uncomfortable topic of finding your space in the world. They’ve made their strongest spots within rock and its alternative and more emotional spaces.

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Watch Place Your Debts

Place Your Debts features Jim in various locations at various stages of the day, making and breaking eye contact and mouthing the lyrics to the song. It feels like he is trying to convey the thoughts of the song directly to you so you understand it isn’t just a song, but coming from a place in the heart and mind. It captures the surroundings of his environment in a spinning and breathtaking style. Then returns us to darkness, showing us that our inspirations and dreams come in a cycle of being alive and being in a state of rest.

Jim describes this song as dealing with trauma and how it can become so many things unplanned especially when left unaddressed. He also indicates that the “Debt” portion of the song is a reference to time lost because you didn’t work on yourself. The eerie hums that grow into orchestrated chords and rhythms seem to reflect the feeling in his lyrics.

If you are finding your place in a place of duress and hardship, please reach out to someone in your circle or find a therapist to aid you in your journey of healing.

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What Did You Think About Place Your Debts?

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