JoeJas Drops ‘Sally’s Last Dance’ (Single)

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JoeJas Sallys Last Dance

About ‘Sally’s Last Dance’

‘Sally’s Last Dance’ is a new track from hip hop artist JoeJas. It was released on May 30th, 2022. The song was produced, edited, and shot by JoeJas.

JoeJas uses the character of Sally to represent relationships he has had in the past. Sally has been a recurring character in JoeJas’ music for quite some time. This includes the 2016 track ‘Sally’, 2018’s ‘Sally’s Wheels’, and 2020’s ‘Sally’s Heartbreak Picnic’. We are now seeing the end of Sally’s saga with ‘Sally’s Last Dance’.

I love this track. JoeJas has a weird and unique sound, and I am a weird and unique guy. Any artist who is willing to rap at a blow-up doll is great in my book. I love the colors in the music video, everything pops and is very vibrant. While this may be the last song in the Sally series, I am excited to hear future music from JoeJas.

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Listen To ‘Sally’s Last Dance’

Where To Find JoeJas

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Fat Llama On YouTube

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About JoeJas

JoeJas is a rapper and producer (producer alias is ‘HairyMuffinMan’). He started rapping at age eleven and producing at age seventeen. He takes influence from punk rock, jazz, hip hop, and R&B. JoeJas has a unique sound that is not heard in both mainstream and underground hip hop.

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