No, Jonah Hill Wasn’t In GTA V

Jimmy De Santa Is voiced by another great actor.

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Jonah Hill GTA V

Voice Acting In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was and still is, a massively popular game. This is especially true with the addition and upkeep of its online mode, which has basically turned into a GTA MMO.

One of the best aspects of GTA V is the voice acting talent found within the game’s audio files. You have Steven Ogg playing the psychotic Trevor Phillips. Ned Luke kills it as mobster Michael Townley/De Santa. We all know how well Shawn Fonteno is portrayed as the streetwise gangster Franklin.

Most importantly, we have Jonah Hill playing the role of…nobody. Jonah Hill is not in Grand Theft Auto V. However, many people would argue that he is.

Why Do People Believe Jonah Hill Is In GTA V?

Fans of the game mistakenly believe that Jonah Hill plays the characters of Jimmy Townley/De Santa, the son of protagonist Michael Townley. Honestly, it is a pretty easy mistake to make.

Even though animated characters do not need to resemble their real-life voice actors, many studios do model their characters after the voice actor. I actually believe that Trevor, in all of his crazy goodness, does in fact resemble Stephen Ogg.

Jimmy Townley is a spoiled rich kid who wants to just party and play video games. For many people, this character’s personality and looks are reminiscent of Jonah Hill’s character Seth in Superbad.

The correlation here led many people to believe that Jonah Hill voiced Jimmy Townley in the game. However, this is not the case.

Danny Tamberelli GTA V

Who Actually Voices Jimmy De Santa?

Jimmy Townley is voice by Danny Tamberelli. I may be showing my age here, but Danny was a big part of my television schedule as a child. Danny Tamberelli is mostly known for being a child star in 1990s Nickelodeon shows.

I first saw Danny Tamberelli when he was playing the younger Pete in the series Pete and Pete. He was also a main cast member of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That. You may also remember Danny as the voice of Arnold Perlstein on the Magic School Bus.

Did You Think Jonah Hill Voiced Jimmy De Santa?

If you thought Jonah Hill was in GTA V, let us know on social media! We won’t pick on you, much.

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