Kanye Appears In McDonald’s Super Bowl LVI Ad

Ye's Lovin' It

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Kanye McDonald's Super Bowl 2022 Ad

McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

During Super Bowl LVI, McDonald’s premiered an ad for the wide selection of items on their menu. The joke of the commercial was based around people not being able to decide what to order from McDonald’s.

One of these indecisive customers just happened to be hip hop artist Kanye West. We see him standing on the stairs of his private jet, attempting to place his order for McDonald’s.

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As a long-time Kanye fan, I know that the past few years have been a bit tumultuous. However, I am glad to see Kanye being able to make jokes, even if it is for product placement. I miss silly Kanye.

I haven’t had McDonald’s in a few years, but I did enjoy this ad spot. Much like restaurants such as Burger King and Taco Bell, McDonald’s is a staple of American fast-food culture, and many of us grew up eating it. I will admit, I often had a hard time deciding what I am going to order.

Did You Watch The McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad?

Were you able to catch Kanye West’s appearance in McDonald’s 2022 Super Bowl LVI ad? What did you think? Let us know on social media!

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