Lanny Bars By Mic Lanny Review

Lanny Bars is a new hip hop EP from New York rapper Mic Lanny. The album contains 5 tracks coming in at a total of eighteen minutes and six seconds. Lanny Bars was released in December of 2019.

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Lanny Bars By Mic Lanny

About Lanny Bars

I have been a fan of Mic Lanny for almost ten years now. My bones have been Fractured. I got the Good Cop, Bad Cop routine. We had Sex and Breakfast. Now we get to kick back and pop a couple of Lanny Bars.

Jokes aside, it has been a pleasure watching Mic Lanny grow as an artist. His music constantly graces my playlists. I still attest that How Am I To Know is the best song for driving fast in the whip. I was very excited to hear that he had released a new album to close out 2019.

Lanny Bars is a new hip hop EP from New York rapper Mic Lanny. The album contains tracks coming in at a total of eighteen minutes and six seconds. Lanny Bars was released in December of 2019.

This album was produced by Dev B. The mixing and engineering were done by B Chaps. The album’s artwork was created by Oz Alone. Lanny Bars was released under the imprint Almost Never Dead Music.

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Lanny Bars – Track List

  1. Hold the Line – 3:27
  2. Grind On – 4:06
  3. Bow Down – 3:18
  4. Next One – 3:21
  5. Guarantee – 3:54

Lanny Bars Review

To be honest, my first listen to Lanny Bars was quite a surprising experience. So was the second listen. By the time I heard this album for the third time, I found myself singing along and embodying the albums’ themes.

This is not your standard Mic Lanny album. A Lanny fans (Lanny-ites? Lanny-sters?) we are used to hard boom-bap beats and braggadocious lyrics. It is New York hip hop after all.

Lanny Bars shows us a different side of Mic Lanny. It seems like he is experimenting with this EP. We here at Effective Nerd encourage creative experimentation of all forms. Lanny appears to be stepping outside of his comfort zone and killing it while doing so.

This album contains a collection of chill and atmospheric beats. The vibe of the album is similar to the part of the party where everyone is faded and sunk into the couch. Dev B excels at setting Lanny up with concepts he can knock out of the park.

Lanny Bars just straight up sounds great. B Chaps and Dev B have come together to make an immersive soundscape. They paint the scenery for Lanny to come in an tell the listeners what’s up.

The main themes of the album revolve around Mic Lanny’s work ethic and uncompromising morals. If I was listening correctly, there may even be a tinge of heartbreak towards the end of the tracks.

Lanny is telling us about his life as an adult. The party years of our twenties have wound down, and now there are more important goals to be pursued. With a new style and a new perspective, Mic Lanny is ready to take on the world in a no holds barred fashion.

My favorite song on this album is definitely Grind On. As the Effective Nerd, I love any song that praises hard work and passion. Life gets rough, and we all have setbacks. However, it is the quality and quantity of our grind that defines our progress.

Overall, Lanny Bars is a fantastic addition to Mic Lanny’s catalog. It shows off Lanny’s ability to craft diverse listening experiences. The EP also seems to be ushering in a new era of Mic Lanny. Whether this is a standalone project or a view of the future, I am still a die-hard Mic Lanny fan as I was a decade ago.

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