Logger (2022) Review: Chops At Your Nerves

If you go down to the woods in Logger today, you're in for a big surprise.

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logger 2022 movie review

What is Logger about?

Logger begins, as a lot of good horror tales should, with a mutilated corpse off somewhere out of sight. While the identity of this corpse is irrelevant, it’s soon stumbled across by a logger (Pieter Piron) who ends up going catatonic from the horror of the sight before him. In his state of catatonia, he is given help by Death (Mona Lahousse) herself. Shortly after this, we are shown the perspectives of other people who happened upon this corpse, including a Jogger (Mil Sinaeve) and a Doctor (Maya Sannen) and how they reacted to such a horrific sight. 

Logger (2022) – Movie Trailer

Logger Review

Told largely without words in what could be considered more of a series of horrific vignettes, Logger is certainly not an easy watch even with its brief hour-long runtime. In the short period of time that this film has, it’s more than a little confusing about what actually is going on. It’s broken up into smaller chapters, each revolving around a different person who happens upon the mutilated corpse at the centre of this piece and each one will leave the viewer with one simple question… “What the fuck just happened?”.

However, what Logger might lack in an easy-to-follow narrative it makes up for in creativity and tension building. Even through all the confusion that this film brings on, there’s an almost constant feeling of discomfort and unease that runs through every segment. The little glimpses given of the grotesque body mutilated make you visualise something more horrific than they could even dare to show, the strange nightmarish imagery that keeps popping up has the audience off-kilter the entire time. It’s a strange and confusing ride that will have you unable to figure out where things are going, but curious to see what happens.

Logger uses gloriously strange visuals very effectively, it’s a horrific visual treat with its use of clever lighting, juxtaposition and sometimes just throwing the film in reverse to make things look weird and it’s all so gorgeous in its insanity. A lot of it’s simple but effective, from the weirdness of someone showering in reverse so the blood slowly slides onto their body to the comparison of a logger hacking at wood and a murder victim being hacked with an axe. It’s strange and intriguing with a good amount of disturbing thrown in for good measure.

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Logger movie 2022 review
Logger (2022) – Movie Still

Even at only an hour long there are a few moments where Logger indulges by making some shots last a lot longer than one might expect them to, or repeat images a few times more than needed in order to try and get the desired effect. Most of the time it’s fine and just helps to make the creepy atmosphere last a little bit longer but there are times when it doesn’t work and can make the audience a little impatient, after all if you’re not going to tell some grand story and be more of a visual piece then maybe show as many messed up visuals as you can in the runtime. 

The pacing is also just a bit uneven, at times it feels like Logger’s just going at a rampant pace but there are times when you almost want to look at your watch to see just how long it’s lingered on a certain idea. Again, more often than not these sequences still work pretty well but there are some moments when maybe a few seconds might need to be cut or sped up in order to make the impact more effective.

Logger Overall

Logger is certainly an interesting film, with a creative idea and some stunning visuals that are going to leave you feeling uneasy and just a little confused, though only one of those is intentional. It feels like a film that shows the potential talents of the crew more than anything, showing off just how effective they can be with only an hour to work with. It’s interesting enough to get attention, might not be for everyone but it’s certainly worth giving a chance.

What did you think of Logger?

Logger will showed as part of the A Night Of Horror international film festival at Dendy Cinema Newtown from 17th-23rd October 2022

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