Facebook Channels FNAF In Meta Quest 2 Super Bowl LVI Trailer

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Meta Quest 2 Super Bowl Commercial

Facebook’s Super Bowl LVI Trailer

Facebook summons their inner Five Nights At Freddy’s in their Super Bowl LVI trailer for the new Meta Quest 2. Facebook’s new Oculus-based VR headset is aimed to bring us further into the Metaverse.

The commercial itself shows a Chuck E Cheese-style animatronic that has been decommissioned after the restaurant shuts down. The dog animatronic goes through a series of side gigs until someone finally decides to scrap them.

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At the last moment, the animatronic is rescued and placed in the Bosworth Space Center. After some people put the Meta Quest 2 on the animatronic’s head, they are teleported to a virtual cafe within the Metaverse.

Regardless of my thoughts about Facebook’s new endeavors, I think animatronics are awesome. I thought this ad spot was really fun to watch. I am happy to see them featured in a Super Bowl ad, especially with developments being made in the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie.

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